Picture this: you’re a kick-ass professional, living your dream life because you love your work. The 9-to-5 seems a little too short for you, and there’s nothing that seems worth doing at home. On the other hand, you might be sick and tired at work – the dream of taking that cup of coffee during the afternoon seems like a dream worth having for you, and you wish you can just escape the cubicle life.

Finding the balance in this seems like a lost cause for most people, but it shouldn’t be for you. If you’re young, chances are, you have a lot of time finding the right balance between work and life that most people crave. You can try to take up different activities to break the monotony of work or find a job that wouldn’t feel like work.

Find a Quiet Hobby Such as Gardening

There are a lot of things occupying busy people. If you’re young, then that’s a double Whammy! Most young people have a lot of things going on that they’re almost always pining for some quiet time alone. Why not take up a quiet hobby such as gardening? This is like hitting a double whammy too – gardening takes a lot of time, but that’s time spent meditating and cultivating plants seems to have a Zen-like vibe. There’s also a case to be had for healthy gardening or bringing up fresh produce you can prepare in the kitchen.

Choose the Right Crops to Grow

Now, if you REALLY want to get into your gardening, you need to choose crops that will be good enough even without much attention from you. Chances are there are weeks at work when you’ll be having a hard time trying to pay attention to your plants. You’ll have to juggle a lot of time to be productive both at work and at your garden. One solution is to pick plants that aren’t too much to cultivate. Consider this: beans, peas, or baby tomato crops need frequent attention, while other crops usually yield crops every 3 to 5 months.

person gardening at home

Choose Why to Grow Them

Other criteria you should consider in choosing your crops should be the reason behind why you’re growing them in the first place. Are they for the kitchen or are they for the home? Plants that are for the home are great when combined with a home air purifier or a dehumidifier – some plants act as natural absorbers of any pollutant your home may be invaded with. At the same time, crops for the kitchen are natural food that will help rid your body of pollutants coming from an unhealthy diet that may be a product of your fast-paced lifestyle.

Plant at a Space You Enjoy Being In

Gardening won’t be worth all the relaxation in the world if you plant in a space you don’t enjoy being in. Choose a space in your home that you’ll enjoy spending long hours in. While you should also consider the amount of sunlight and rain that this space gets, you shouldn’t choose it if you feel like you wouldn’t want to spend long hours trying to cultivate plants in it. Don’t think too big – start small, and gradually work your way up to having a big garden once you’ve got the hang of which crops are easiest to leave alone, and which ones need constant attention.

Taking care of plants is also work if you’ll look at it. While taking time to visit your garden is a form of relaxation, it is also a form of mediation – it trains your patience when dealing with people who aren’t on the same mindset or speed as you. Take time away from work, and consider asking yourself – have I visited my garden this week?

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