Every home is unique and different — from the layout to the decor. But with that also come the unique noises that every homeowner has become accustomed to over the years. Whether it is the creaking from the floorboards, the humming of the fridge, a noisy AC, or other various rattles and squeaks, for most homeowners, they are no longer a cause for concern.

Some might require minor cleaning for air ducts and vents, but others might need something else since some noises could spell trouble and simply can’t, and shouldn’t be ignored. Here are three potentially troubling noises to listen out for that could signal problems ahead if not dealt with swiftly.

Pitter-patter or skittering in the walls

If you can hear any scratching, the small pitter-patter of footsteps, buzzing, squeaking, or skittering coming from the inside of your walls then you may have an unwelcome house guest setting up camp in your walls. If this is the case then you will want to make sure that you check your exterior walls and look for any tell-tale signs of animals, as well as holes and any other potential entry points.

While mice can be relatively harmless you still don’t want to be sharing your home with them. There is also the possibility that other, more harmful, creatures have made their way and become unwanted tenants from bees, wasps, and hornets, to rats, squirrels, and (depending on where you live) even raccoons! Call your local animal control for help to eradicate and evict your new tenants as soon as possible before they cause any real damage to your property.

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Clicking or flapping in the fridge

Another common noise that could signal a sign of trouble is when you can hear a clicking or flapping noise coming from the fridge. While a low humming is often common and simply signals that your fridge is switched on and working, a clicking of flapping could indicate that there is something wrong with the fan.

To maintain their temperature, fridges rely on a constant airflow which means that there are normally up to two or three fans continuously working away. Any clicking or flapping sounds could therefore mean that there is potentially too much ice around, or even in, the fan area and if ignored could result in a warm fridge and ruined food. If you hear this noise and you know that it is different from the usual sounds your fridge makes, it could be that your compressor is failing and it’s time to call a professional to take a look.

Clanking noises in your pipes

Clanking pipes, for example in your radiator, could be a sign of hydraulic shock or “water hammer.” This happens when the water that is flowing through the pipes suddenly changes direction or even completely stops.

When radiators stop draining properly, they can start making clanking noises so it is also a good idea to check whether the inlet valve is fully open. If this doesn’t help, you could try to place shims under one side to tilt any excess water back to the pipe. If this doesn’t work it is always best to call out your local plumber for an inspection as hydraulic shock can result in pricey long-term damage.

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