Over the years, we have benefited from gardens in different ways. We can cultivate them to become sources of food or use them to enhance the beauty of our properties. A lot of homeowners have also gotten into gardening for relaxation and recreation. Studies show that gardening can boost a person’s mental health and overall well-being. Moreover, gardens help us stay active and fit since gardening is an activity that requires physical work, strength, and a lot of energy. Most people will find tending gardens a rewarding achievement as we witness how our plants grow and flourish.

Themed gardens are a type of garden that are arranged based on a unifying design. They are significantly more enjoyable to create and look at. This garden type can be an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your identity, creativity, and self-expression. Here are different types of themed gardens that can serve as your inspiration the next time you want to practice your green thumb.

Japanese themed gardens

zen garden

There are two known variations of Japanese gardens: the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden style and Stroll-Garden style. These particular styles are created to mimic or reproduce miniature versions of nature. For Japanese themed gardens, the main point is to organize the plants and decorations to make it seem natural and as simple as possible.

It is best to research the specific Asian plants you would need that can fit your landscape. The most common plants in a Japanese garden are evergreens such as Japanese black pines, Himalayan white pines, Cedar, Coastal redwood, Canadian hemlock, and the like. Additionally, Deciduous trees are best planted near ponds as they need a lot of water to survive.

South African themed gardens

Understandably, there is no doubt that you would like to aim for a landscape that can resemble something out of a South African lifestyle magazine. Fortunately, there is no need to hire an expensive landscape designer to achieve your goal.

The South African plectranthus is a type of plant commonly found in South Africa. It can be a great addition to your garden. Keep in mind that it is vital to learn about nurturing these types of plants, especially since they are highly dependent on the climate. South Africa is also known to be a sanctuary for different kinds of birds and animals. With this in mind, you can consider looking up and growing specific plants that can best attract unique creatures.

Italian themed gardens

By tradition, Italian gardens usually have a prominent color scheme of different shades of green as it mainly consists of evergreen plants. Plus, you can usually see a wide range of shapes and topiaries that never fail to catch the eye. The greenery is trimmed and shaped into symmetrical and geometric hedges.

As the aesthetic of Italian gardens is taken from the Italian renaissance, these types of gardens usually exude a sophisticated and wealthy atmosphere filled with elegant fountains and classic, traditional sculptures. Moreover, you can incorporate Italian cuisine into your garden. Try adding plants like herbs and spices like bell peppers, basil, oregano, parsley, and more.

Chinese themed gardens

For Chinese gardens, there is a sense of beauty and a spiritual connection with nature. These gardens have a more profound significance as Chinese gardens are mostly connected to ancient views and religion. For some, these landscape designs are deeply connected to Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.

Chinese gardens are usually filled with plants like bonsai plants, perennials, aquatic plants, shrubs, and trees. At the same time, bodies of water and a variety of stones are placed all over. Bamboo and the lotus plant are also commonly seen as it represents flexibility and purity. A Chinese themed garden might be suitable for homeowners who seek tranquility and spirituality at home.

Butterfly themed gardens

Also, one of the most familiar themes for gardens can be butterfly gardening. In this type of garden, not only will you attract the attention of neighbors, guests, friends, and family, but butterflies as well!

Various flowers and plants can attract all kinds of magnificent species like butterflies, bees, and even hummingbirds. Linden trees are famously known for attracting these friendly creatures. Other than that, most insects, like bees and butterflies, are attracted to one thing: nectar. That is why your garden needs to have flowers that produce a lot of nectar. Some examples are asters, yellow coneflowers, ironweed, roses, marigolds, and many more. Your garden will look like a beautiful and bright haven of colorful spring flowers and plants by opting for a butterfly theme.

In conclusion, themed gardens for your home are great ways to learn about different cultures and identities from all around the world. Each theme has different symbols and meanings that you can live by as you acquire the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that comes with gardening.

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