If you want to have an outdoor space but your lot does not permit you, you can go vertical by building a roof deck. This is a practical plan, especially if you’re using a concrete flat roof, as this means you do not have to alter your home’s entire structure. However, that does not mean that the preparations will be less. You still need a detailed plan to make sure that your space will be functional and safe.

In case you’re not sure where to start, it would be wise to seek the services and advice of an experienced builder. More importantly, you need to find out if a roof terrace is allowed in your neighborhood. This might even require you to secure the necessary permits. For other things, the following should be taken into account:

Plan your theme

Among the first things that you need to do is picking an appropriate theme. If your roof deck is hidden or a bit disjointed from the home’s façade, you can pick a separate theme. Otherwise, you will need to pick an aesthetics plan that matches the exteriors of your home. Since your roof deck is supposed to be an escape or a haven, relaxing themes, such as the Caribbean and Japanese Zen, make great choices. If you have great views, such as the rolling hills, mountains, or seaside, make sure that these are always visible.

rooftop garden

Bring in the right furniture

Your choice of furniture should easily match the aesthetics and feel of your roof terrace. For instance, Japanese Zen aesthetics might require wooden fixtures or furnishings. Aside from the furniture’s appeal, you will also need to see to it that the materials you will choose can withstand harsh elements, such as direct sunlight, moisture, rain, and airborne debris. The goal here is to pick items that can last a long time.

Let some greens grow

Instantly brighten up your space by growing plants on your roof deck. Other than offering beauty and relaxation, the plants that you grow can naturally create privacy walls. They can also hide certain imperfections of the area, such as wiring and wall cracks. In case you want your roof deck to become more functional, you might consider turning one spot into a vegetable garden. You can grow herbs, spices, tomatoes, and even eggplants.

Consider building a shade or a pergola

There will be some occasions when you want to stay on the rooftop during day time. However, it can be quite hot and humid. To address this, you can build a shaded sunroom that is also airconditioned. In case you’re living in a windy area, a pergola with a retractable canopy will make a good choice. Spruce up your shade by installing fairy or holiday lights throughout.

Consult the right team

Building a roof deck can be time-consuming and quite complicated. You will need help here, especially if you are dealing with a large space. So plan your team, which can include builders, floor specialists, and even landscape decorator.

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