Selling a property may not be as quick and easy as just putting it in real estate listings. You have tried that before, and it did not go as you’d planned, and you wondered if there’s anything you could have done wrong. You probably skipped a step in the property listing process.

But, have you considered that upgrading your property was the missing jig to making your listing stand out from your competition? Some of these improvements are low-budget. However, typically, more significant additions to your house appeal are high-budget but will assure high and quick return-on-investment. There is a myriad of house upgrading options to choose from, though:

Decorating and renovating: minor changes

The bottom line in property improvement is ensuring your house and peripherals are in their best natural condition. Minor renovations of moldy surfaces, dusty walls, leaking roofs, and chipped floors will do. That could take the form of professional painting of interior walls, re-carpeting floors, and hard-brushing exterior walls. Polishing tiles and re-grouting tile lines are also common renovation projects.

Here, your primary aim is ensuring your house looks as good as new but without overspending on structural improvements. However, renovations may not be as enough to effect significant change as would renovations.

kitchen interior

Remodeling: major changes

Putting your property up for sale is a decision you have considered over and again. As a prospective property seller, learn early enough that it is a calculated investment in every home improvement project that will return the most. Typically, these projects will include:

  1. Re-carpeting driveways and walkways

A well-designed and easy to maintain driveway and walkway can raise your property value by up to 10%. Utah has some of the nation’s best providers of concrete and asphalt services. Shortlist the few whose previously completed projects match the design and quality of driveways and walkways with which you plan to upgrade your property.

Note that it is not the paving, by itself, that increases the value of your property; it is the quality of the pavers that you use.

  1. Granny annexing

Most homebuyers are looking for arbitrate opportunities in the next property they purchase. Therefore, if you can upgrade your property by adding extra rooms that they can list in Airbnb for passive income, you are in good business. As Fast Company reports, investing in Airbnb can even earn you a six-figure annual income.

Without a doubt, constructing granny annexes to your house will boost your property sales among such buyers. These upgrades could even increase your earnings from Airbnb that you opt-out of selling your property.

Conclusion: Follow a well-documented plan for every upgrade

The property upgrading process can be overwhelming and exciting all the same time. That could cost you numerous financial and legal missteps if you do not work with a cut-out plan for the entire upgrading project. This plan should include all the asphalt paving, granny annexing, simple renovation services you need, and the necessary legal documentation and building permits.

Work with an experienced contractor in every renovation and remodeling project, though. It is your best bet in evaluating the options and having structures that add the most value to the property that you are reselling.

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