If you have a passion for all things beauty and cosmetics, starting a beauty business, whether an actual salon or one at home, can be a lucrative and fun idea. But before you open your doors, a crucial step is purchasing the right equipment, and since there’s so much, it can be an overwhelming process.

To help you out, here are some of the essentials you need to invest in for your beauty business to ensure quality services and happy clients even in a pandemic.

Hairdressing Supplies

If you’re setting up a hair salon, barbershop, or offering mobile hairdressing services, you’ll need to invest in several items to wash, cut, dry, and style your clients’ hair. You’ll need razors, scissors, and blades for haircuts or trims and perming products for washing. For styling, you’ll need some electricals, such as hairdryers, automatic rotating hair stylers, straighteners, tongs, wangs, and clippers.

Generally, hairdressing services require numerous things, and it can cost a lot, so before you go and start your beauty business, determine if you want to focus on hairdressing, makeup, or a mix of both to save you money and time.

Makeup Trolley

Case If you’re going to offer mobile makeup services, you’ll need to have a reliable makeup organizer by your side, and what better way to haul your makeup than an aluminum makeup trolley case? It helps you stay organized and keep your things sorted, ensuring a seamless makeup session. Plus, buying a ‘trolley case’ instead of a regular makeup box allows you to haul it around without cramming your suitcases as it comes with wheels and a handle — enabling you to store your beauty products in one stylish place.

Skin care

Makeup Tools

Essentially, if you’re planning on offering makeup services, you’ll need to invest in the basic makeup tools and supplies, including palettes, foundation, lipstick, eyeliners, and more. Plus, don’t forget to buy the right tools for the job to apply makeup properly, such as a beauty blender for the effortless blending of foundations, concealer, and blush.

Vanity Mirrors with Lights

If you plan on establishing a salon or a setup at home, investing in a vanity makeup mirror is vital. It provides you with a clear, well-lit, and flawless reflection to streamline your makeup application to the client, ensuring mess-free and perfect makeup every time. A vanity mirror also makes eye-straining tasks like shaping eyebrows more convenient. Moreover, lighted up vanity mirrors can add an attractive element to any space.

Body Drape

If you plan on providing hairdressing services, especially haircuts, having a body drape is crucial. This item is cloth or other fabric that you use to cover the client’s body when you’re giving them a haircut, trim, or applying hair color to their locks, keeping their clothes and body clean and safe.

Hygiene Kit

An essential item that most beauty business owners don’t pay attention much to is the hygiene kit. Maintaining your equipment’s cleanliness and ensuring everything gets appropriately sanitized will provide a safe and hygienic makeup or hairdressing session every time. You can do this by wiping your items, ranging from your hair to makeup tools, with antibacterial wipes. It’s also best to use an antibacterial brush cleaner spray for things you can’t wipe like a detangler brush.

Whether you’re planning on establishing a new salon, working as a mobile stylist, or diving into other beauty businesses, the most crucial step you need to take is ensuring you have the right things. The essentials mentioned are just some of the investments you need to make, guaranteeing quality services, happy clients — and lasting success.

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