Owning a home is a right and privilege that every citizen should enjoy. But along with this right and privilege comes the responsibility of taking good care of the property. To whom much is given, much is required.

And one of the responsibilities that every homeowner knows but dreads is cleaning out the gutter. It is a task that should be done regularly, ideally after wintertime, because of the battery it receives during the cold winter months.

Why do you need to clean and repair your gutter before summer comes?

To be truthful, no one looks forward to performing gutter repair and cleaning. No one will ever say that he is excited winter is over because now he can finally get to work on the gutter all around his property. Not one person.

But common sense also dictates that it needs to be done and should be done regardless of how you feel about it.

To get rid of debris, leaves, twigs, and other things that winter brought into them

Fall and winter cause a lot of things to clog your gutter and downspouts. You probably know it, or you may not realize it. Either way, you still need to unclog your gutter and rid it of all the leaves, snow, and debris that fall and winter leave in their trail.

To protect your garden and your lawn

Spring signals the start of the year’s warmer weather. This means that all the snow and ice accumulated on your property — including those in your gutters — will melt. If you fail to clean out your gutter, this melting can cause an overflow of water and moisture into your lawn and flowerbeds, which can be dangerous to plants.

To prevent any damages to the foundation, the walls, and the roof

Speaking of water and moisture, clogged gutters and downspouts can cause water to leak and seep into your home’s walls, roof, and foundations. Neglect can cause damage to your property’s structural integrity, which can be costly.

To get your home ready for spring and summer

If you think your home is already safe from the elements just because winter is done, think again. The warmer spring and summer months also bring in showers and thunderstorms that can give your home a beating, especially your gutters. Clearing, cleaning, and repairing your gutters is pretty much an act of reinforcement for the amount of precipitation in the coming months.

How can you tell if your gutter needs maintenance and repair?

roof gutter

Here are a few tell-tale signs that your home’s gutter is in dire need of maintenance:

Sign #1: They look uneven.

Uneven or sagging gutters are ineffective in directing water to corner downspouts. Instead of going to the drain, the water is gathered in the uneven part, which causes it to sag even more. This uneven section can get damaged and pulled apart the longer it is left untreated.

Sign #2: There’s staining and/or mildew in your attic.

Another way to determine if your gutter needs repair is if you can spot traces of water stains and mildew in your attic. Inspect the wooden eaves in your attic and try to look for signs of staining. If you spot several, this means that your gutter is not draining properly, and you need to have it checked.

Sign #3: There are noticeable marks of rust on metal and peeling paint.

Similarly, if you start noticing paint peeling off the walls or rust forming on pipes and other metal fixtures on any part of your gutters, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Sign #4: Water pools at the base of your house.

One of the worst things you don’t ever want to see is a puddle forming at the base of your home. It can affect your home’s foundation, especially if it leaks into the basement and causes cracks on your foundations.

Sign #5: You start finding pieces of hardware on the ground.

If you find a few pieces of hardware, like bolts and other fasteners that keep your gutters secure, on the ground around your property, likely, your gutter is already compromised. If they are not fastened securely, they won’t stand a chance against the winds and the rains.

Cleaning out gutters may be a nasty and unpleasant chore, but if you look at it as a means to protect your home from any critical structural damages, then you might feel differently about it. After all, that privilege of owning a property comes with a cost, and part of it is ensuring that it stays in great condition so that your hard-earned money won’t go to waste. At the end of the day, being blessed with a house entails good stewardship on your part.

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