It’s hard to see past the situation of COVID-19 right now. There have been some breakthroughs in the last few months, particularly the development of an anti-virus vaccine. The inoculation has been slow and that is of major concern to a lot of people.

For some, they’re longing for a return to normal times, when someone can go out freely regardless of whether their trip is for leisure or in keeping with appointments. The latter should not be put off because of the virus, nor are the authorities restricting travel if the reason is because of this. To put things into perspective: can you even delay appointments for scoliosis treatment in adults?

Going to the hospital with the virus in the air is a bit of tricky business, but it’s a necessary risk. If you’ve got appointments to visit your doctor during the pandemic, keep it. Learn from these tips on how to keep yourself and others around you safe during that time.

How Can You Make Sure You’re Safe During the Appointment?

During the pandemic, doctors should only have an “appointment-only” policy when they’re asking their patients to come in. That would be complemented with information on safety protocols that are found outside of their office or explained through the call.

Once the patient is in the office or at the hospital, they should walk them through the safety protocols. Have the patients wear masks and other basic PPEs while at the facility to follow these protocols. Companions should not be allowed unless they are a necessity for the patient.

Before the patient comes in for the appointment, screening should be conducted by the doctor’s staff. Other information can also be collected during this time, such as insurance information and other details.

What Safety Protocols are Being Done by Doctors’ Offices?

As much as possible, the staff at your local physician’s office won’t come into contact with you at any time during the screening and the appointment. The doctor’s secretary may talk with you during your visit, but at a distance, and there are those who don’t really do that. Most doctor’s offices also schedule their patient’s arrival in a staggered manner.

Patients are advised to wait either in their car or in a waiting room. Social distancing is a must; the office staff and the doctor maintain their distance as well according to the health protocols. You can bring your own sanitizer, but the office should have one readily available and easily seen. Everyone in the office will also be wearing their own PPEs as well.

What Technology Would Be Visible in the Office?

At the very basic, doctors’ offices will be equipped with devices to keep the room safe. These devices monitor the air and “scrubs” it free of any droplets that may carry the virus. It’s a complicated series of running the air through UV-C lights and different filters to make sure it’s safe to breathe.

An extra service that some clinics may offer is to scrub the office clean in-between patients, as well as disinfect it. It is done so that viruses and bacteria that may have lingered will be reduced or killed off quickly.

What If I Don’t Need to Visit?

video call with doctor

For some cases that don’t require face-to-face conversations, the doctor may schedule an online assessment and treatment. Some physicians already do this and choose this readily to protect both parties. Other important information can easily be collected using this method; one of the many reasons why it gained popularity.

Some clinics have already perfected the method of virtual visits and house calls. There are those, like the start-up Heal, that offer this as a selectable option.

Are Kids Free to Visit?

AS much as possible, kids should be kept at “an arm’s length” when going in for a visit — a virtual visit, that is. Kids also know the danger of getting the virus. For this reason, FaceTime, mask-free visits are the choice when checking on kids and completing their appointments.

Be it at the doctor’s or dentists’ office, this is the preferred method of consultation. Most cases don’t require the presence of the patient at the office, so they’re checked through video conferencing. Children who are getting an appointment for the first time should also receive that consultation without wearing a mask.

Everyone is doing their part to keep themselves and others safe in the time of the coronavirus. What are the methods that you’re most keen about? Check these tips out if you’re wondering whether you should go for that face-to-face doctor’s appointment or just schedule a telehealth consultation.

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