It’s raining, and you’re enjoying a hot cup of cocoa when suddenly, you hear water trickling out of nowhere. Somewhere in the house, the roof is leaking, and now you have to locate it before it drenches your things. Sounds familiar? If you’ve just recently moved into your home, you might not have any idea on how to take care of your roof. They’re easy to overlook, but roof leaks are a real issue.

Ditch the drip buckets. Read on to know if these things explain why your roof desperately needs repairs:

Sub-standard materials or improper installation

Buying roofing supplies from trusted stores guarantees you get quality goods. However, it can be that the house was already built before you moved in. Roof repairs in rental homes are particularly common since these spaces cater to ever-changing tenants.

Some kitchen appliances typically connect to ventilation pipes and exhaust flues, which then pry through the roof. Inspecting the age of these appliances can give you a rough idea of how much work, negligent or not, has been done on your roof.

Damaged shingles, gaping valleys, and cracked flashings

These three elements are the most vulnerable parts of the roof, so it makes sense that any of them is causing the leak.

Shingles or the small overlapping plates safeguarding your roof might have been knocked off or fallen in. Your roof’s valleys can also gape open due to strong winds or be perforated from repeated repairs, causing water to seep in. Lastly, it’s also possible that the flashing has eroded, or the tarring has worn off over time.

Clogged gutters

Another common cause of leaks, clogged drains can be hard to spot from below. It’s only when you climb up that you see dried leaves, animal droppings, dead insects, or other traces of nature blocking the water’s flow. While this can dry naturally, moisture can still build up. This can spread to other parts of your roof and cause them to weaken and ultimately falter. Thus, you need to make sure that your gutters are always clear.

Insufficient ventilation

If you’re starting to see dark spots form on your ceiling, they’re probably a sign of poor ventilation. You might see them on the ceilings of your kitchen, bathroom, or attics and sunrooms where temperature shifts frequently. When dark spots form, your ceiling deteriorates more quickly.

Inadequate ventilation can be caused by your pipes corroding due to excess moisture. It has to be open so that moisture can exit properly. Installing exhaust fans help control the temperature as well.

Natural causes/damages

fixing the roof

Both negligence and natural disasters pose equally disastrous leaks and damages to your roof. If branches often drop on your roof or if small animals tend to scuttle through gutters and valleys, then your roof is at serious risk. To solve the problem, you can cut down any part of nearby trees that are directly above your house. You can also consult your local pest or animal control about how to deal with small critters.

It’s just old

In can be a combination of these causes. Even if you’ve seen how your house was built when you were little or you’ve never gone through bad weather, wear and tear will still catch up on your roof. Thus, it shouldn’t surprise you to see your roof leak if no amount of repair seems to work anymore.

Regardless of the cause, regularly inspecting your roof should always be a priority as a tenant. Not only will you sleep soundly knowing you’re safe; you also save time and money.

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