Public proposals, though it deserves an A for effort, frankly aren’t just the most special way to express your desire to marry your partner. Sure, some people are into grand gestures and huge surprises, but is proposing publicly counted as either? In most cases, it’s overstepping. That’s right, even if you and your partner are crazy about each other, it doesn’t make a public proposal justifiable.

People surely have varying opinions on this matter, but if you think about it deeply, proposing publicly puts the person on the receiving end under an immense amount of pressure. Onlookers are recording you on video, paid performers have just pulled out their most incredible stunts, and photographers are on site, waiting for your “Yes!” Most of all, your beau is on one knee, holding out an expensive diamond ring. If you don’t say yes, you’d definitely disappoint a lot of people, and if the video gets spread on social media, you may earn an unpleasant reputation.

That said, even if you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars for performers, photographers, and other props, the most special and romantic way to propose is still in private. With just you and your partner, you can be fully in the moment, unhindered by any outside energy. Your partner won’t be pressured, and you won’t look like a narcissist craving for attention!

Here are some romantic and special private proposal ideas worth considering:

1. Go on a Vacation

Book a vacation trip just for the two of you. If you choose the beach, ask your partner to build a sandcastle with you, and when they’re looking away, put the ring on top of the castle, and wait for them to notice it. Pop the question once they see it.

To make it more private, propose in your hotel room. Have flowers and a romantic dinner set up inside while you’re out, so that when you get back, you can surprise your partner without any audience.

2. Propose at Home

There are a lot of ways you can propose at home! You can spell out the question on the door of your fridge, on your bed, on the ceiling above the bed, on the wall, or pretty much everywhere. You can make it more romantic by turning off the lights and using candles, instead. Prepare flowers and a home-cooked dinner as well.

3. Play a Board Game

Scrabble or puzzle games can be used to propose. In scrabble, purposely gather all the letters to “will you marry me,” and slowly form this sentence as the game progresses. In a jigsaw puzzle, create one with your photo along with the question that your partner will eventually read.

4. “Ruin” the Surprise

Since proposals are usually a surprise, you can pretend to ruin it by showing your partner a ring size chart. Tell them that you’re going to buy them their choice of custom engagement ring, and when they tell you that you’re ruining the surprise, that would be your cue to take out the custom-made ring you already purchased, and propose!

5. While Doing Chores

They would certainly not expect a proposal in the middle of performing chores. While you’re raking the leaves together, for example, spell out the question with the leaves, making sure she would pay attention before she sweeps them away!

Additional Tips

Making Marriage Proposal

It’s still good to involve your families and closest friends, even if you’re proposing privately. Share your plans to them ahead of time, and kindly ask for their help in organizing an engagement party. In addition, you’d know if it’s good idea to propose by informing your loved ones beforehand.

Capture the moment. Set up a camera somewhere they won’t notice, so that you’ll have a remembrance of that special day for life.

Seeing how proposals feel more special when done in private, never consider a public one again, ever. Savor the moment by making it just for the two of you.

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