Most areas nowadays rely on electricity for lighting and powering different appliances that ease their lives and overall comfort. Though essential, electricity can become the cause of several issues when mishandled. Thankfully, few people would intentionally mishandle electricity. In most cases, electrical injuries are caused by damaged cords and faulty wiring of property and appliances. These are often issues that property owners will ignore until they cause injuries. Other people opt to handle them under the guidance of DIY tutorials to save cash.

Any repair not handled by a professional electrician is, however, a recipe for future disaster. Other than destroying your electric-powered appliances beyond repair, the electric current flowing through damaged wires can cause grave body injuries. The following are the common injuries caused by electrical currents from damaged wires and electric-powered appliances.


Your internal body organs are not resistant to electric currents. They thus suffer considerable injury when a strong current flows through them. Extension cords whose insulation materials have worn out are the leading causes of electric burns, particularly among kids. While the only sign of the electrical burn might be an entry and sometimes exit wound on the burnt area, the current will cause extensive long-term damage to your internal organs, including the heart. Emergency medical care is essential when this happens.


This is the most common injury attributed to electrical currents. The severity of an electric shock depends on the amount of voltage you are exposed to, moisture presence, length of exposure time, and the involved body part. Mild electric shocks cause a tingling sensation, and a moderate one might make your muscles contract causing falls that result in fractures. Severe shock may cause devastating respiratory or heart failure.


electrocuted maleThis arises from the sudden and involuntary introduction of large or continuous electric currents into your body. The current might be so powerful that it causes heart failure and death. In low-level electrocution, there might be no visible marks left on the skin, but the effects on the heart are extensive. At times, the brain is also affected. This is because, like the heart, it relies on impulses flowing through the body for its normal functions.

Thermal Burns

These are attributed to faulty or unmaintained electrical appliances and electrical overloading. These issues cause your appliances to become too hot. Touching these surfaces can lead to varying extents of thermal burns. Thermal burns are among the common accidents attributed to electricity since, in most cases, there is no indication that an appliance is excessively hot.

Hire a Professional

While you can barely live without electricity, the above issues can be devastating, to say the least. To guarantee you continue safely enjoying the benefits of electricity, have all problems promptly handled by a qualified electrician. The good news is, it is easy to find reliable electrical service in Salt Lake City. Find an electrician you can trust to regularly check your wiring. It would also be wise to have the electrician’s number on your speed dial list. This way, any electrical issues on your property can be adequately handled before they cause any of the above issues.

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