Transforming your outdoor space is a practical decision to make during this COVID-19 crisis. For one, your own yard is the perfect place for outdoor recreation and relaxation without your family getting exposed to the novel coronavirus. Two, improving your outdoor space can significantly boost your home value and curb appeal.

However, it can somehow be confusing to know what landscaping service to get during the pandemic. Of course, the type of landscaping service varies from one residential property to another. Therefore, you need to assess your own outdoor space and know what you want to achieve.

To make it a lot easier for you to decide, here are the types of landscaping services to hire during this pandemic.

1. Deck or patio installation

When it comes to hardscape installation, a deck or patio is the most popular option. A deck is an open platform extending from a house without a roof, while a patio is a paved area, either attached or detached from a property.

Both hardscape structures are typically backyard spaces. They can be outdoor activity areas, whether for family bonding, barbecue party, or simply outdoor relaxation. Ultimately, they can enhance the overall appearance of your residential property.

2. Walkway or driveway repair or installation

Most houses have driveways and walkways installed in their outdoor spaces. While driveways enable seamless vehicle driving towards the garage, walkways allow a safe and smooth stroll in the garden.

That said, be sure to get a walkway or driveway update during the pandemic. For instance, you can get an asphalt crack repair for your asphalt driveway. But if you don’t have a walkway or driveway yet installed, consider hiring a landscaping service.

3. Outdoor lighting

In recent years, outdoor lighting has become increasingly popular among many homeowners. As such, it’s a good idea to install light fixtures outdoor during this pandemic. Not only will they enhance the beauty of your outdoor space, but they will also boost your property’s security at night.

When choosing light fixtures, opt for LED lighting for energy efficiency, safety, and overall aesthetics. While at it, work with exterior lighting professionals for their installation. That way, they can ensure the safety and beauty of your outdoor lighting.

4. Gate and fence construction

It’s a good idea to have a gate and fence construction during this pandemic. For the most part, these hardscape structures can boost the security of your residential property. Also, they can decorate your house and leave a good impression.

As far as a gate is concerned, there are a handful of design options to select. The same is true for various types of fences. That said, you can opt for materials such as timber, bamboo, aluminum, vinyl, chain link, and composite.

lawn mower

5. Lawn care

There is nothing more visually appealing than seeing a vast field of healthy grasses. A green lawn can make a world of difference in your outdoor space. However, you need to take good care of your turf regularly. That is where a lawn care service comes into the picture.

Keep in mind that a lawn maintenance service is more than just mowing the grasses. Your hired landscape professionals will also ensure your lawn’s constant irrigation, weed removal, and even pest control.

6. Outdoor gardening

When it comes to outdoor landscaping, we cannot ignore outdoor gardening. In most cases, gardening is the top service offered by a landscaping service. These professionals will look at your yard and plan to embellish it with trees, shrubs, flowers, and other vegetation.

If you already have a garden in place, consider hiring a landscaping contractor. Check to see how they can update your garden during this pandemic. Chances are, your outdoor space needs a major facelift.

7. Tree pruning and shrub trimming

There are specific landscaping services that a landscaping company offers. These services include tree pruning and shrub trimming. They perform these services not only to keep your plants and trees visually appealing. They also do these to keep them in top shape and condition.

When it comes to tree pruning, these professionals get rid of yellow leaves, diseased twigs, and dead branches. In some cases, they have arborists who can perform full or partial tree removal. As far as shrub trimming is concerned, they also create hedgerows for your garden.

Take your outdoor space to the next level

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the best time to transform your outdoor space. Consider one or some of the landscaping services mentioned above, whether hardscape installation, lawn care, or outdoor gardening. Be sure to work with a highly reliable landscaping contractor. Ultimately, doing so will take your outdoor space to the next level.

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