Arranging elements to please the eye of the beholder is a talent for the chosen few. This is why a majority of people opt to hire professional landscaping services instead of doing it themselves. To create a harmonious, beautiful appearance in your home, the following landscaping principles should be followed.


This is the first element that determines how attractive your landscape will come out. Avoid incorporating too many colors and details. Keep all ideas simple and straightforward; everything should be beautiful and not overloaded. However, this does not mean that your landscape should be bland. The idea is to combine patterns, lighting, décor, and water in attractive but straightforward ways.


This represents equality in visual representation and attractiveness. Balance can either be symmetrical for all formal settings and asymmetrical for informal settings. The symmetrical option applies geometric figures and needs regular maintenance to sustain its formal appearance. On the other hand, asymmetry allows more freedom as it can be created differently from side to side, enabling you to design and place objects in an independent way. Balance has been applied since ancient landscaping, and it allows for the creation of dynamic landscape masterpieces.

Create a Focal Point

This is the first thing that should grab the attention of any viewer or visitor. It is the most powerful and pronounced feature of a landscape. You can create more than one focal point in a single landscape layout. However, do not crowd them in one point or overuse, as this will create the opposite effect of what a focal point is supposed to do. Standard features that make for perfect focal points include attractive lighting, bold colors, unusual shapes, and sophisticated features such as statues.


A well thought and laid-out landscape will have a fine tune and a rhythm to it. It is achieved by setting up some landscaping elements away from one another in equal intervals. For instance, you can position lighting posts or a row of specific trees at equal distances from each other. Similarly, other objects such as benches, bushes, stones, and sidewalks should have a similar arrangement. The creation of these clear lines creates an interconnection and organization that complements the landscape effectively.

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Have you ever looked at a landscape and thought about how fresh and strikingly appealing it appeared? That is the effective use of contrast. You can achieve this by arranging colors in an alternating format and boost the appearance of your scenery. When creating contrast, the key point to remember is that cool colors such as blue, green, and purple tend to make objects appear far away.

Warm tones such as red, orange, and yellow make objects appear closer than they are. Use this principle to create effective contrast in your setup.


Lack of proportion makes a landscape appear out of balance. For instance, children, adults, men, and women all view the same objects and perceive them differently. This is why items such as buildings, plants, spaces, décor elements, and any other item used in your landscape should be proportionately sized. This will further enhance the unity of your setup.


Landscaping is meant to bring forth the beauty of an organized space. When looking at your space, people should feel peace, harmony, and unity all around. This is why landscape elements such as bushes, grass, trees should complement each other and create one theme.

There are plenty of strategies you can use to unify a landscape. For instance, you can arrange the plants by their sizes and shapes. Additionally, you can ensure a uniform shape for all the bushes and trees that surround your lawn. Only choose plants with different shapes if you want to create a repetitive pattern.

You may also apply repetition to enhance unity in your landscape design. The abundance of the same type of objects similar in shape and size will result in a dull and boring landscape. Add some spice and diversity by interchanging placement in a repetitive pattern. The best way to add variety without getting in the way of unity is by alternating textures. Textures are not as bold as shapes, and they come in handy when reliving patterns.

Nothing says dreamy and comfortable than a lush well-tendered landscape. In an official setting, landscape spells organization, cleanliness, and tidiness. In a home setting, it spells relaxation and enjoyment with friends and family. The above aspects will ensure you get the best environment.

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