Yoga is an amazing physical activity that anyone can do, whether a person is physically active or lives a sedentary life. This is because yoga is simpler than other more intensive exercises, such as cardio or strength training.

Why People Love Yoga

Despite yoga being so simple, it has several physical and mental health benefits. Yoga helps build muscle strength and improves flexibility. It helps with stress relief and reduces anxiety and depression symptoms. These are only a few reasons why this physical activity has become more popular during the pandemic.

Why Get Yoga Tools

If you’re a beginner, you can do yoga with just a mat. You don’t even have to get special workout clothes. Just put on something comfortable, hop on the mat, and get started.

But as you continue doing this activity, there will come a time when keeping things basic is no longer enough. At some point, you might even want to branch out in other forms of exercise. You can perhaps find an instructor who finished NASM CEU courses to ensure that they’re credible and reliable.

But you can also change things up in your yoga routine by doing more complex poses. To do so, you’ll need a few pieces of yoga equipment:


Yoga Knee Pad

Several poses in yoga can be tough on the knees. Staying on these poses for long periods can result in bruising, even if you’re using a good yoga mat. And that’s why you’ll want to get a knee pad.

You can get a rectangular one that has the same width as your yoga mat for easy storage. There are also round yoga knee pads that come in pairs and are big enough for your knees. These round pads can also double as elbow support when you do elbow planks.

Yoga Block

One of the most basic tools for yoga is a yoga block (or sometimes “yoga brick”). The more affordable ones are made of foam or cork, while the fancier ones are made of bamboo or wood.

A yoga block can enhance your poses as it supports your body and serves as an extension. For example, if you’re doing a triangle pose and can’t reach the floor, you can place a yoga block and reach towards it instead. Or place a yoga block lengthwise under your lower back to support your body during a bridge pose. This extra support will help you hold the pose for longer without straining your body.

Yoga Wheel

A yoga wheel helps improve flexibility and strength. This tool is often used in back-bending poses. You can place it under your back when you do a reclining butterfly pose or a hero pose. The yoga wheel will support your back and help you extend your body further.

You can also use a yoga wheel to improve your balance and core strength. For instance, try standing on your yoga wheel while doing a squat. In this regard, the yoga wheel can also help you make your yoga sessions more productive in terms of muscle strength.

Consider getting a yoga wheel that is sweat-resistant so that it’s easy to clean. Also, yoga wheels usually come in three sizes, so get the size that fits your needs.

Yoga Strap

A yoga strap is also a useful tool you can buy to level up your yoga routines. This strap is similar to other tools in that it provides support when you do certain poses. And you’re more likely to maintain them with the help of a strap.

For example, you can put it around your arms when you do a crow pose to ensure that your arms stay in place. Or you can tie one end of the strap around your foot so that you can easily hold your leg up during a one-legged king pigeon pose.

Yoga Sandbags

Stretching your muscles is very important in strengthening your muscles. Regular stretching can also reduce your risk of joint pain and muscle damage.

Yoga sandbags give your muscles a gentle push during yoga practice. The sandbags can also help you relieve the tension in your muscles in certain poses. Or when you cool down, you can place sandbags on areas of your body that feel some pain. The pressure of the sandbags’ weight can relax your muscles.

While these tools are not required to practice yoga, they certainly help elevate the experience and make it more enjoyable. You don’t have to get everything. You can choose one or two that fit your practice the most.

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