Your parents might be getting old and weak, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to stop learning and being active. They still need to do physical and mental activities to improve their well-being and quality of life. Being healthy in general is essential to living a longer life and staying happy.

Experts suggest that even the elderly need to perform exercises every day to achieve optimum health. Regardless of age, everyone should exercise. Yes, even though your parent is sedentary, they can still be physically active with a few low-impact activities.

Here are some activities for your aging parents.


Yoga is an excellent exercise for people of all ages, and because it’s a low-impact activity, the elderly can enjoy it too. This exercise provides gentle stretches that relieve muscle pain, stiffness, and tension, making it an excellent activity for sedentary people.

Due to the many benefits offered by yoga, even athletes and young individuals practice it to reduce stress and calm the mind. What’s great about yoga is that you can modify it so injured or weak seniors can still perform the stretches.

Water Exercises

Being in the water is a therapeutic activity. And you can even make it more beneficial by integrating water exercises that burn calories. Water activities are great for aging parents because it’s safer in general. You don’t have to worry about joint pain and other things.

Water exercises have various ranges- from simple activities, competitive swimming lessons, and aerobics. In general, your parents can choose different activities according to the level they can perform.

Low-impact Sports Lessons

There are plenty of low-impact sports lessons out there that will interest even the elderly. Classes for dance, golf, and aerobics are beneficial in keeping your parent’s bodies and mind healthy. Enroll them in classes you know they’ll enjoy and offer it as an anniversary or birthday gift.


In addition, joining these classes will encourage them to get out of the house once in a while. It can also be a way for them to meet new people and have new friends. If it’s pretty impossible for your parents to leave home due to safety reasons, some instructors offer private classes at home. They will make sure to give your parents the best time while keeping them safe at the same time. Just make sure that they’re always wearing their alert system bracelets to keep you from worrying a lot.

Outdoor Activities for the Elderly

Being outdoors is beneficial for the elderly as it gives them enough Vitamin D, an essential nutrient that fights osteoporosis. Some elderly do not like exercising. But fret not. Some activities will still keep them moving while they do enjoyable things. Listed below are some fun outdoor activities for aging parents:

  • Gardening. If your parents love planting, make sure to get them the tools they need for a fun gardening experience. It will also help if you enroll them in a botany class or gardening clubs.
  • Hiking and walking clubs for seniors. The good news is that local communities are actively creating groups and clubs for the elderly to help them stay physically active and healthy.
  • Outdoor travel. Seniors who are still in good health and shape can still enjoy traveling. Take them on a weekend camping by the lake or let them experience “glamping.”

Indoor Activities

Indoor activities like arts and crafts are great exercises to keep them engaged. Buy them materials for painting, jewelry making, scrapbooking, or knitting. These activities can help improve their focus and creativity, allowing them to stay busy during dull days.

Moreover, indoor activities strengthen and preserve their motor skills as well. Hobbies like baking and cooking are often enjoyable for aging parents, so be sure to provide support by giving whatever they might need. Here are some indoor activities to try:

  • Buy your mom or dad a membership in crafting clubs or classes as a gift. They will appreciate it more as they know you used your hard-earned money to buy it for them.
  • Try to find a way to alter your parent’s favorite hobby to their current skill levels. For example, if your dad likes to fix cars but is now having trouble doing it, consider enrolling him in classes for miniature cars.
  • Learn something from your parent. The best way to encourage your parents to keep moving is by asking them to teach you something. You could ask them to teach you how to cook their signature dish or care for a plant.

Despite their old age, your parents will always need to do something that will keep them happy. Stimulate and encourage them to live their best lives by being active and learning new skills every day. The more you persuade them to do these things, the happier they will be.

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