Gardening in an urban setting is challenging, but it would not stop a green thumb from doing so. If you have been used to living in rural areas or the suburbs where gardening is not out of place, then you will realize that gardening in a condo or a flat is close to impossible. However, just as plants and flowers can make markers and headstones light and fair, urban gardening can make even the murkiest city apartment glow.

Maybe you cannot grow fruit-bearing plants, but there are still ones that you can grow inside your city apartment. All it takes is a few adjustments and focus to grow them in a place where there is limited sunlight, no natural soil, and CO2-filled air. The urban air also gives more reason for you to put your green magic to the test again, only this time in a close-quarter space.

If you are a pro with backyard and home gardening, know that urban gardening is different and challenging. It takes creativity, dedication, and time to do so. But when properly executed, you will achieve amazing and aesthetic results.

Here are some things that can help you get started:

Be Resourceful

We have mentioned that you would not have the same resources that you did outside the city. While that is unfortunate, urban gardening pushes someone to think outside the box. You have to use everything that plants can grow in. Make use of your old containers, buckets, empty cans, old boots, trays, boxes, and even old bed frames that can be used as garden bed housing.

If you are working with a place where there is no outside space, you can check with your window areas regarding the perfect spots to grow orchids. You can even check whether you can grow house vines on the walls of your house.

Urban gardening is different from traditional gardening that aims to harvest fruits and crops, as it aims to reduce carbon footprint and help save the planet. Hence, it is important to think of ways to grow plants that will transform your urban living area into an oasis.

indoor plant

Know Thy Plants Properly

Following the point above, you cannot possibly grow traditional home garden plants in an urban setting. Sure, you can try growing cherry tomatoes in an interior garden bed, but you most definitely cannot grow corn in here. As we have mentioned, urban gardening is less about crops but more about being environmentalist.

Hence, you need to know which plants can thrive in such a setting with a limited amount of sun and carbon dioxide. You can go with different leafy herbs that can survive inside the house and provide air filtering attributes. You can even go with succulents and pot flowers such as petunias and Mandevilla. You can even try to grow bonsai by your apartment’s balcony! However, just be careful with growing flowers outside as surprise rainfalls can shock these babies into wilting and dying.

Be Aware of the Available Sunlight

We have mentioned the limited amount of sunlight in the urban setting, and it is because you are in a city swarming with buildings and establishments that are blocking the sunlight. It can even be a city that has never seen a clear sky due to the smog. In which case, you need to be aware of the specific amount of sunlight you are getting in your place.

You need to know where it rises and sets, so you will be able to anticipate where the natural light is going to be at a certain hour. See, there are houseplants that also need to be bathed in sunlight. Yes, they are indoor plants, but once in a while, they can get malnourished without photosynthesis. Also, you need to be careful as there are plants that cannot withstand too much sun as well. So, when you leave them outside for too long they can dry up instantly. Hence, knowing the sun’s schedule from your city apartment is a must.

Try Urban Gardening Today

As the world progress into the future, the planet gets more and more compromised. Unfortunately, urban areas do not see that much flora blessing with their residents. Although business establishments such as malls and hotels are being compliant with environmental architecture, not everyone has the gift to plant and grow shrubs and flowers in their homes to reduce their carbon footprint.

So, if you have the chance to contribute to the environmental cause, you can start with urban gardening. Imagine how much the city would change if at least everyone would try it? The stark smog will clear up, and you’ll get the chance to see the night sky again.

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