There are two things that make decorating your office space important. One, it is the place where you receive customers and investors; it should leave a positive impression on them. Two, it is where your employees work, so the space needs to be conducive to efficiency and productivity.

Decorations add character to your office space and make it more welcoming to both clients and workers. So if you’re looking for pieces to hang on the wall, here are four things to keep in mind:

Consider Your Branding

Your décor should align with your branding. This doesn’t mean that more serious businesses should stick to sombre colors; this means you have to be conscious of how the artwork would play into the function of the space.

For instance, if it’s a dental clinic for kids, the decorations should be bright, bold and fun to appeal to kids. A doctor’s waiting room, for instance, would benefit greatly from a pastel portrait of an abstract landscape. The soft scenery can put patients at ease. A creative marketing agency would benefit from modern, funky pops of color to keep their creative juices flowing. Financial institutions and law firms could invest in pieces of formidable artists to reinforce professionalism and stability.

Don’t Limit the Décor to Paintings

When people think of “office artwork,” they only think about portraits to hang on their corporate wall panels. However, savvy workspaces venture beyond the canvass and install multi-dimensional décor in the space.

So instead of clogging the walls with paintings, try adding chunky vases, ceramics and sculptures on the desks and corners. These spur greater interest in the office compared to a dull portrait gallery. The space would be even more fascinating if the décor sports different textures — ceramic pots here, brass sculptures there, and a lot of little succulent plants.  Fill the little nooks and small decks with glass, wood and metal pieces to diversify office decorations.

Involve Employees in Decoration

Your employees would be the best people to know what kind of décor would make them more productive. Researchers from the University of Exeter’s School of Psychology surveyed over 2000 office workers about their attitudes towards their workspaces. The results showed that the greater the control of the employees over their office, the happier they are about their jobs.

People who worked in office spaces that they have decorated themselves are 32% more productive than workers who aren’t allowed to design their work areas. They feel more comfortable at work, get along better with their bosses and feel more positive about their position in the company.

You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune

painting art

Artwork can be expensive, but it doesn’t always have to be. Instead of spending a fortune on one or two “coveted” pieces, stretch your budget and invest in lesser-known works that are just as enthralling as famous portraits from popular artists. If you could only splurge on one coveted piece, hang it on a place of high foot traffic, such as the lobby or the waiting area. Then, invest in pieces that give off the same look as the artist you have in mind — the same color palette or brush technique, for instance.

Decorating your office space goes a long way in making your customers comfortable and helping your workers stay productive. It is definitely an investment worth making.

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