If your space still looks bland even after the furniture and decor have been placed, chances are a focal point is the missing piece. No matter how grand and charming your furniture and decor pieces are, your space won’t be finished without a focal point. It’s the first thing people will notice as they walk into a room, giving them an impression of what your space’s overall vibe is.

The focal point is usually the biggest feature in a room, but not all spaces are afforded such a luxury. A rental apartment, for example, is typically stark white walls with no distinct architectural features. The same can be said about an average builder-grade home.

If you’re also facing a missing focal point dilemma, a blank space on your wall can be one. Focal or accent walls are popular in small spaces, like foyers, bedrooms, and living rooms. Here are some wonderful design ideas to inspire you:

1. Wallpaper

Installing a statement wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to create a stunning focal wall. There are various types of wallpaper, including fabric, that you may use in a rental home. You can cut the fabric into panels and install them using liquid starch. This adhesive won’t leave permanent residues to the wall if you remove the wallpaper, so rest assured that you won’t get in trouble with your landlord.

If you own the space you’re living in, you’re lucky because you can have more diverse wallpaper choices. From geometric to floral or vintage, your range of pattern and print options are so wide that it can be overwhelming. Pick a style based on your home’s overall theme; if it’s contemporary, geometric patterns most probably work best.

2. Paint

Paint your focal wall with a different color from the rest of your space. A dramatic, moody focal wall may look striking in an otherwise bright and airy room,  but if you like it more casual, a bolder hue will look better. Hang art or a large mirror on it to draw more attention. Painted focal walls suit foyers, living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices best.

orange living room interior

3. Wall-Mounted China

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, the wicked Dolores Umbridge likely comes to your mind first when you see a china-adorned focal wall. But although your loathing for her might be strong, it’s hard to deny that her taste in aesthetics is pretty impressive, as proven by her cute china focal wall with kittens on it. Channel her taste by looking for your unused and forgotten luxurious china, then give them a place they deserve on one of the blank walls in your living room or dining room.

4. Decals

Another rental-friendly wall decor, decals are small and simple, but their visual impact is huge. They’re a great way to express your interests since decals are available in movie character prints. For this reason, they may be used to make a focal wall in a kid’s bedroom.

5. Bricks

A brick accent wall is popular in lofts and industrial-style spaces, but they can be pulled off in other home design styles as well, like modern, traditional, or rustic. Place an open shelving unit against it and hang art to further highlight its focal quality. Put a floor plant in there as well to add color. And for functionality, a bench or an accent chair will serve.

These focal wall designs will instantly transform your space from bland and boring to put-together and visually interesting. Take note of these wonderful ideas as you start solving your missing focal point dilemma.

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