Whether you’re renovating or building a new property, construction works are challenging. One wrong move can mean disastrous results that affect the whole lot. If you misread the labels or use the wrong materials, it can set back the entire project and endanger people. To limit potential mishaps, check out these three mistakes to avoid:

Improperly Mixed Concrete

For any project, it’s important that everything is done right from the beginning. It might cause foundation problems that only commercial concrete repair can solve. When mixing concrete, think of it like preparing a dough when baking. You have to pay attention to the consistency. Too dry, and it won’t form a smooth surface. But if it’s too wet, it will likely form cracks.

You’ll know that your mixture is correctly made when you can form shapes with shiny finishes. Be extra careful during this stage because it’s very expensive and difficult to redo. In Detroit, a contractor is estimated to shoulder $500,000 of the cost to replace the concrete used due to an error.

Painting Without Preparation

house painting

There’s more to coating walls in a new color than just using a brush and painting. First, you have to remove any object that can prevent you from painting in clean lines. If you have any floating shelves, hooks, and frames on the walls, you should move them to a different room. You should also cover any furniture with a drop cloth or a plastic sheet so that it won’t be affected by any splatters. Then, seal any holes and sand the walls from top to bottom.

As you check if the walls are smooth and even, use a duster or a vacuum to clean the surface. Next, cover the trims with painter’s tape so that you don’t accidentally paint them. Afterward, use a primer to coat the walls. It will make your paint last longer and adhere to the surface better.

You’re almost ready to start. You just have to stir the paint before and during use. It may have been sitting in the store for some time and the ingredients could have separated. When you’re waiting for the paint to dry, don’t forget to remove the tape. If you leave it until everything has dried, it would be harder to take off.

Wrong Estimates

Even in construction or renovation works, you still have to do the math. You don’t want to buy too much paint or too many tiles because it will be a waste of money. But if you don’t have enough, you’ll have to go to the store more times and end up wasting time.

Measure your walls and use a paint calculator for a rough estimate. There are also calculators available for ceramic tiles and carpets. For furniture, you can use a 3-D design app to see if it fits a room based on size and style.

It might take you more time to take extra steps during a renovation or construction project. But it can save you thousands of dollars and extensive repairs in the long run. Check your work, ask for a second opinion, and research.

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