According to the National Coffee Association, starting cafes, coffee, and tea businesses can be a success despite numerous competition. The market is experiencing an ever-increasing demand for more sources of local coffee, goods, and bakery items. But when you’re opening a coffee shop or cafe, it can be challenging to think through how you can make your business, food, and drinks stand out among your competition.

From display cases, espresso machines, dinnerware, to special customized products, we have listed the different must-have items to add to your cafe to make your cake and coffee products stand out.

Display Case

What better way to let your delicious cake, donuts, croissants, pastries, and other baked goods stand out than displaying them on a clear case? Commercial-use glass refrigerators and casings keep your mouth-watering baked goods on display while keeping them fresh. It’s best to place these display cases near your checkout register because it increases your maximum marketing potential and the impulse sales of these sweet treats.

Consider what and how much you’re planning to put on display each time you open your cafe. Then, purchase the best unit for your coffee shop. Although there are non-refrigerated options, it’s best to stick with refrigerated casings to keep your food at optimal temperatures.

Espresso Machine

If you want your specialty coffees to stand out, investing in a high-tech espresso machine can be your ticket to success. These sophisticated machines help you create distinct drinks and fresh flavors that define your brand. Besides whipping out delicious beverages, the aroma can attract coffee lovers from miles away, allowing your coffee products to stand out further. These modern coffee makers can give your customers the impression that you’re genuinely passionate about coffee, boosting your potential sales even more.

Coffee Grinders

Nothing screams freshly brewed coffee than having a coffee or espresso grinder. Having these handy machines in your cafe shows your patrons that every cup they purchase only contains the freshest brews around, allowing your coffee products to stand out. When you grind the beans, the aroma can entice customers to indulge in a fresh cup of joe.


Besides having great machines and a beautiful display case, having delicate dinnerware can also make your products stand out. You don’t have to be grandeur and invest in the most expensive silverware. It’s best to match your dinnerware to the theme of your cafe.

Customized Coffee Sleeves

man preparing coffee

Coffee sleeves are a great way to reduce costs since they can eliminate the need for double cupping hot drinks. Besides protecting your customers’ hands from burns, customized coffee sleeves can make your coffee products stand out. Each cup that goes out the door boosts your advertising, grabbing the attention of even more potential customers.

Coffee To-go Boxes

These boxes cater to patrons who want a more substantial takeout option for small family gatherings, office parties, or retirement parties. These to-go boxes have unique features, such as a spout that dispenses coffee or a storage compartment for condiments.

Starting a cafe can be tedious work, but having the right equipment can boost your business. Incorporate these essentials into your coffee shop to make your products remarkable.

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