Even if the lockdown measures are easing up, many people are still reluctant to go out. Staying indoors for weeks or months, however, can take a toll on anyone’s mental health. If you want to avoid cabin fever while keeping safe from the coronavirus pandemic, bring the outdoors in. You won’t miss going out much if you do not feel like living in a box and instead are surrounded by nature or outdoor elements each day.

Add houseplants

Beautiful and well-arranged houseplants are trending on Instagram right now. Monstera plants or cactus succulents will make your living room or bedroom look stylish and help improve your indoor air quality. Your body will be more relaxed and healthier with plants around you 24 hours, seven days a week.

Create a cozy balcony

Miss hanging out in coffee shops? Recreate the experience by enjoying your morning coffee on your balcony. All you need is a table and a chair; select one that you can fold and store inside during rainy days. You can also maximize your balcony’s square footage with built-in bench seating. Just make sure that the seating doesn’t block the beautiful design of your metal balustrade. But if you’re just renting your place, you don’t need to invest in outdoor furniture. Get some colorful and cozy floor pillows, instead.

Choose earthy colors

Whether you plan to repaint some of your walls or shop for new decors, consider earthy colors. Painting your kitchen cupboards or getting rugs in brown, green, or sky blue can make your interior design closer to nature. But be wary about the color combination; the new paint should match existing design elements.

Let the natural light in

girl waking up to natural light

It’s essential to have a bright home if you want it to feel fresh and cheerful every day. Natural light is also crucial if you’re beginning to grow a collection of succulents and other houseplants. If you have large windows, draw the curtains more often to let plenty of natural light in. Adding skylights is also a good option if you’re handy or willing to take on a construction project this summer.

Add rattan furniture

People always associate rattan furniture with the outdoors. Use it to decorate a corner of your home or place it in the patio, and you can create a spot that quickly takes you back to your beautiful beach or tropical getaways. If shopping for new furniture isn’t viable, you can achieve the same vibe with rattan accessories like baskets or toilet paper holders.

Entice your senses with outdoor cues

Lighting a woodsy incense or floral potpourri-scented candles is a simple way to bring the outdoors in. Playing sounds of rain and waves can also entice you, making you feel relaxed and in tune with nature. If you want to have a refreshing afternoon after working from home, entice your senses with outdoor cues.

Living through a pandemic isn’t easy. Staying home is the least we can do to help flatten the curve. With a few design ideas, you can make your home even more relaxing and comfortable for daily living.

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