The lobby is the face of your hotel. It can make or break a visitor’s impression, so it would be best to win them over from the start. Aside from good quality service, a well-designed lobby will also impress them. Check out this guide for tips on how to put up a lobby that guests will love.

Greet them with a stunning staircase

Consider adding a grand staircase to the lobby. It can add a touch of class to the area. For inspiration when it comes to staircase construction, check out this brief guide to stair types.

  • Bifurcated. It has one vast flight of stairs at the base, which splits into two narrow flights when it reaches the landing. If you remember the grand staircase in Titanic, that is an example of bifurcated staircase. You can also see it in some university buildings and palaces.
  • L-shaped. This resembles the straight staircase, but it features a 90-degree turn at a specific segment. A landing or a set of winders is placed to facilitate the change in direction.
  • Spiral. This has a curved banister and steps that form a full circle.

Keep them entertained

Give your guests a warm welcome by providing a source of entertainment. Since lobbies are often used as a waiting area, it is a great idea to give the guests something to occupy themselves with while they pass the time. The form of entertainment will depend on the guest demographic.

For visual entertainment, you can hang a couple of paintings or photographs. You may even have a mural painted. You can also incorporate vases and sculptures into the decor. As a treat, why not put ice or chocolate sculptures on display for special occasions?

Live music is another option. Invite a singer, jazz band, string quartet or a pianist to perform every now and then. If you prefer piano music, get an upright or grand piano. Pianos look beautiful, so you may keep them on display even if it is not in use. You may even have it painted if you want.

Supply them with information

You need to keep your visitors informed about places they can go to, events they can expect, and activities they can do during their stay. To ensure that they make the most out of their visit, give them information about the hotel and the surrounding area. There are various ways to do this. You can go traditional and use brochures, flyers, and posters. You may also put up screens or interactive digital signage around the lobby.

Types of information that guests may find useful:

people in the park

  • Amenities. If the hotel has a bar, spa, pool, game room, gym, cafe, or restaurant, now is the perfect time to let the guests know.
  • Nearby attractions. These may include museums, malls, zoos, beaches, churches, and amusement parks.
  • Transportation options and local maps. These will help visitors navigate the area.

Let them chill out

Make sure that there is enough seating space. Give guests the freedom to choose by putting a variety of seating options and arrangements. For example, there should be stand-alone sofas as well as a group of lounge chairs huddled around coffee tables.

A guest’s lobby experience can set the tone for their overall hotel experience. Upon arrival, people go straight to the lobby, and they will need help with settling in. A relaxing atmosphere and helpful personnel will put them at ease.

These design ideas will help you start your lobby design plan. Consider implementing some of these suggestions to keep the guests happy.

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