Harsh fines and longer jail time cannot stop burglars as long as homeowners are giving them opportunities. Unlocked doors, open windows, empty homes, unclaimed mails or packages, and loose security features motivate them to accomplish their break-in missions. Aside from installing an alarm system and deadbolt locks, there are other ways to slow down the bad guys and make their break-in attempts a royal pain. You can further protect your home with these security strategies:

1. Trim the trees

Tall trees can provide burglars with easy access to the balcony, roof, or second-floor windows. That is why properties with overgrown trees, hedges, and bushes are the crooks’ ideal targets. Aside from providing them with a convenient ladder, large trees serve as hiding spaces for criminals. These trees limit your house’s visibility from your neighbors and curious onlookers, so nobody will notice and catch them. It’s always smart move to hire a tree trimmer in Lehi to get rid of the low-hanging branches that provide burglars with extra coverage.

2. Don’t announce your travel plans online

Burglars are always doing surveillance on when your home will be empty and for how long. When you announce your travel plans on social media, you are giving them the answer. While you want to share the details of your fabulous holiday, robbers will take these pictures as an invitation to burglarize your home. You might be too excited to share your beach selfies with your friends, but it’s safer to post those snapshots when you return home.

3. Make the neighbors your ally

saying hi to a neighbor

Criminals know that you find comfort in your routine. They will watch your place to learn about your habits and schedule. Sometimes, burglars dress the part to disguise as a salesman or delivery guy. They will ask residents to answer a random survey questionnaire or leave flyers at the doorstep. Then they will check how long it takes for homeowners to remove them. If you’re unable to grab them for days, it gives them a clue that you’re not around. So when you’re going for a long-weekend holiday, ask your neighbors to pick up ads, packages, or mails to avoid them from piling up at your front door.

4. Burglar-proof your window AC unit

Your window air conditioning unit can compromise your home’s security. While it provides quick cooling to any room, it will make it easier for burglars to break into your home. There are some measures you can do to secure your window AC unit better. These include installing window locks, security bars, brackets, alarm, and accordion side panels. When amateur burglars pulled or pushed the unit and don’t budge, they will probably move on to a different target.

It takes more than just a locked door to keep the burglars out. Sneaky crooks are determined to find out the weakness of your home and have creative ways to break-in. By adding an extra layer of security to your property and taking extreme precautions, you are making your house a tougher target.

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