Statistics reveal that an average of 376 burglaries occur in every 100,000 residences in the USA, as of 2018. That makes it the third most common type of crime committed in the country. The overall rate has dropped significantly since 1990, but the figures are still undeniably large. For this reason, security should be a serious concern in every home and property.

Residents and business owners can protect their properties by having metal fence panels and other types of security fences installed outside. But other than that, security measures should also be observed everywhere within the property, including its interiors.

Here are ways to prevent burglaries and other property crimes in your home:

Devices to Install

Intruders will be less tempted to break into your property when they glimpse any of these following security devices:

  1. Security Cameras – It can be anything from the typical wall or ceiling-mounted ones or more high-tech versions with motion-detecting features that will alert you when an intruder breaks in. 
  2. Motion-Detecting Lights – With motion detectors around the vulnerable areas of your property, burglary, and trespassing are less likely to happen, and if they do, they’d be immediately caught. However, motion detectors can cost you more electricity, unless you can go solar.
  3. Door and Window Alarms – Aside from keeping your doors and windows locked, installing alarms would also be helpful. Door alarms have a delay feature so that when you or any household member enters, the signal can be deactivated.
  4. Deadbolt Protection Device – Picking a lock is a piece of cake even for amateur burglars, so secure your deadbolts.
  5. Patio Door Locks – Usually sliding doors, the additional lock feature should be installed at the bottom or on top. 
  6. Safe – A safe or a vault protects our valuables, like cash, especially when we’re away. Bolt it to the floor for more security.

person trying to break into a house

Habits to Practice

We can reinforce our security by practicing habits that discourage home intruders from eyeing our properties or personal belongings. 

  1. Avoid announcing on social media that you’re away from home. Even if all your accounts are private, you still risk your home’s security if someone who follows you happens to be a burglar or is connected to one. Try to keep from posting your vacation photos until you’re back home.
  2. Take all your IDs with you when you leave. Burglars can be tempted to steal your identity, too, when they see your essential IDs and documents lying around unsecured. Take all of them with you, especially when you’re going on a vacation, or lock them in your safe.
  3. Store valuables out of sight. Keep your laptops, jewelry, and other expensive items in a locked chest or safe. Burglars would go for those items first, so always keep them out of their sight.
  4. Keep sheds and other outbuildings locked. Lawnmowers and other tools are still of value to burglars, so don’t forget to secure your shed and other buildings.
  5. Store your car keys away from the letterbox. Doing the opposite is an open invitation to burglars, so don’t let them catch sight of your car keys.
  6. Don’t leave ladders outside. Again, doing the opposite is another open invitation to burglars and trespassers. Don’t forget to put the ladder away after using it.
  7. Have a dog, or use a dog barking recording. Intruders avoid attention, so whey they become aware that a dog guards your property, they’d be discouraged to break in.
  8. Tend to your garden. It might not sound like a security measure, but an ill-maintained garden makes it look like you’re frequently away. Regularly trim your shrubs and mow your grass to let potential intruders know that you’re always in.

Security is an investment. Don’t let anyone take advantage of your poorly-secured property, even if you’re confident that you live in a safe neighborhood. You don’t only protect your home or business with these devices and habits; you also protect your family and loved ones.

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