Being cooped up in our homes during the pandemic has made some of us unhealthy. Some might have even developed various diseases (aside from the virus) while staying in their homes simply because of the lack of proper diet and exercise. There’s no one to blame when it comes to these situations because these things happen in life. However, as more vaccines are becoming steadily more available in each state, you should start considering when you should go back to a much healthier lifestyle.

Returning to a much healthier lifestyle can be quite tricky, especially when you haven’t been doing it for months. But maybe if you try out something new such as the activities on this list, you might end up enjoying and committing back to living healthily. From there, you can say goodbye to the unhealthy life you might have lived a couple of months ago and greet yourself back into healthy living. Here are some wellness activities that are interesting to do and can keep you fit at the same time.

Green Exercise

Exercise is the quintessential activity to healthy living. The ‘wellness’ generation, like the millennials and gen z, exercise quite often. But it’s easy for them to do this, especially when you have a private gym right by your house. Some of us do not have this luxury. Some of us have to rely on gym memberships that we can’t currently use right now because of the pandemic.

Additionally, even if things go back to normal and gyms open up again, who’s to say that going back is easy? So it’s time to try something new when it comes to exercise. It’s time to try green exercise.

Green exercise is a simple activity done in places filled with nature. A national park, a public park, and the woods are all good candidates for this kind of exercise. The idea of green exercise is for us to return back to nature. It can improve your mental state (e.g., make you happier) while also reducing weight. The best part of it all is that green exercise is simple to do. You don’t need to cross-fit while doing this kind of wellness activity. A simple walk can do. Hiking or jogging are also suitable for this kind of activity.

If you’re slowly trying to get back into exercising, try out this kind of exercise. You wouldn’t even need to worry about being infected since you will be spending your time in isolated areas, where there is little to no human presence. So it’s safe and easy to do.

Mindful Eating

When we are distracted, we tend to overeat. Additionally, watching a show, talking to someone, or browsing your phone while eating can lead you to not enjoy your food entirely. Thankfully, there is a new activity that helps you fix these problems. This activity is known as mindful eating.

fruits on a table

You can do mindful eating by removing all kinds of distractions from your table. This can be your phone, television, or book. You then savor every bite you can get out of your meal and feel its texture and taste. This kind of eating can stop you from binging. It can also help reduce weight while also improving your overall mental state. It can even prevent some mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Mindful eating is an excellent way for you to return back into the healthier habits of eating. Paired up with a highly nutritious diet and you’re on your back to a much healthier lifestyle.


Juicing is not the most recent wellness activity on this list. However, some people have been doing it as part of their diet during this pandemic.

Access to healthy ingredients can be quite challenging when you’re not out there buying it yourself. Once you get these healthy ingredients, chances are, you don’t even feel like cooking them. So the best and healthy alternative is to juice them. Juicing means turning solid vegetables and fruits into juice or smoothie. It’s as simple as that! However, there are many benefits to doing this. One of which is helping you consume more fruits and vegetables.

Our teeth can’t grind as efficiently as a juicing machine, which means that the fruits and vegetables we consume tend to have a lot more surface area. This can lead us to be full much faster. Juicing can help us consume more of these nutrient foods compared to just consume them. Other people also use juice so that they can detoxify their bodies. Moreover, once you’ve started juicing, you can think of starting a juice bar smoothie business. The juice market is growing even during the pandemic, and there’s always more room for healthier alternatives in the market. Juicing is a great business to have in your residential area, especially when no one has started it yet.

Here are some exciting activities and things you can do to get yourself back into living healthily. Remember to stay consistent once you’ve started if you want to see good results. Additionally, it’s vital that you start now so by the end of the pandemic, you can look good and feel good in front of your friends and loved ones.


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