It has been more than a year since we have discovered the coronavirus. Nothing has been the same ever since. Thousands of people have been infected by the virus, and we are now facing a global pandemic. COVID-19 is an entirely new virus. It attacks people’s respiratory system; symptoms include dry cough, fever, and difficulty breathing. The virus has tons of other symptoms that range from mild to severe. Some people who are infected by the virus don’t even show symptoms. But are still able to infect others if they aren’t careful.

Recently a new strain of the virus was discovered in the U.K., and it has spread to America. Just when we thought this virus couldn’t get anymore contagious, this new strain is said to be 70 percent more transmissible. Vaccinations have already begun, but scientists are still trying to confirm whether it works against the new strain. The country was beginning to ease back on its restrictions, but thanks to this, we are back to where we started.

People are being told to stay at home, businesses are closing down, and some states are considering shutting down. All to avoid the (even more) rapid spread of the virus. Staying at home and social distancing is even more important nowadays. To help slow down the spread of the virus. Since people are required to social distance, one major industry has been critical during the pandemic: the courier industry.

The Significance of the Courier Industry

Delivery services have been helping people survive throughout the pandemic. With people unable to leave their homes, people had no choice but to rely on digital services. Hence, delivery services have become increasingly necessary. Whether it be groceries, food-deliveries, medicine, or gym equipment, delivery services such as the United States Postal Service (USPS) have provided people with everything they need to make the pandemic a bit more bearable.

Before the pandemic began, businesses initially didn’t want to work with food delivery applications. The costs just seemed too high. But with social distancing protocols and people staying at home. Plenty of businesses were forced to close down if they didn’t adapt. Working with food delivery apps was the only way they could survive. Food delivery apps not only became essential for businesses but customers as well.

Delivery and the Food Industry

Since then, the top four food delivery apps in America collectively increased their revenue by 3 billion dollars. Doordash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and Postmates all saw an increase in their second and third-quarter sales back in 2020. And with the new virus strain, we can expect it to continue increasing this year.

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Delivery and Healthcare

Aside from food deliveries, another essential contribution delivery services made were in pharmaceuticals. Although medicine deliveries were already being done even before the pandemic, it became even more essential during the pandemic. We all know that people with pre-existing conditions are more vulnerable to the virus. Thankfully pharmacies such as CVS allow for prescription delivery services.

Delivery and E-Commerce

Online grocery shopping and grocery deliveries weren’t prevalent before the pandemic either. Now it’s what most people are relying on to survive. Grocery deliveries were thought to be a thing of the past. Now people have no other choice but to start relying on it again. A lot of things have changed because of the pandemic. Things are definitely more difficult, but people find ways to survive during the pandemic thanks to delivery services.

Delivery and the Wellness Sector

Delivery services have not only helped in providing food and medicine. Gym equipment sales have also boomed during the pandemic. Since people are unable to go to the gym. People have turned to home exercise and getting their own equipment delivered to stay fit. Delivery services are not only helping when it comes to physical health but mental health as well. A recent survey done by WalletHub showed that Americans have been coping with the pandemic through online shopping. Thirty-six million Americans have been using online shopping to relieve stress.

Without delivery services, getting through the pandemic would be much more difficult. The people working in this industry are risking themselves to give us our needs and demands properly and safely. Because of them, we can stay at home and protect ourselves from the virus while they go out every day, delivering our groceries, food, medicine, and other demands door-to-door. It is thanks to them that our economy can continue growing despite the complicated situation we’re in. So the next time you get something delivered, make sure to thank and show your support for your deliveryman. They are helping people survive through tough times.

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