Proper and consistent self-care empowers us to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. It keeps us going when the times get rough. More importantly, it’s a commitment to ourselves to strive towards becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Amidst all the daily responsibilities people have, self-care tends to be pushed to the side and overlooked. Are you wondering how to begin your own self-care journey? Follow these simple tips:



Think of your direct needs first. Do you feel energetic or sluggish most of the time? Make it a point to check in with your body from time to time. Analyze whether you’re getting enough nutrients, physical activity, relaxation, and sleep.

  • Eat Right

Many people are surprised by how eating proper meals can significantly improve their lifestyle. Try it out for yourself. Fill up your plate with fruits and vegetables to get your much-needed dose of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and fiber. Introduce various herbs and spices, nuts and seeds, protein, and healthy fats into your diet. Add more or less of these ingredients as you see fit. Strive to make every meal a part of your continuous self-care routine.

  • Exercise

Getting into the habit of exercising does wonder for your brain. As it regulates your blood flow, brain activity in areas that deal with language and speech processing, memory, cognition, and concentration are enhanced. Remember that boosting your energy in the middle of a stressful workday only involves taking a short 15-minute walk. Stroll around the block or walk towards the nearest coffee shop and back to your office.

  • Sleep Well

Merely sleeping the required 8 hours daily isn’t enough. In reality, getting high-quality sleep routinely is arguably one of the most important habits you need to develop for proper self-care. It lowers your likelihood to get sick, reduces your stress levels, and increases your productivity levels, consequently allowing you to do better at school or work. Set up your bedroom to be as conducive to sleep as possible.


woman looking outside

Our environment often reflects our current state of being, so self-care sometimes goes beyond the self. Take a look at what you can do in your immediate surroundings.

  • Organize and Declutter Items

It’s no secret that a clean and organized environment contributes to acquiring a more peaceful mindset. Clutter often adds a whole new layer of stress into your daily life. It also triggers anxious and overwhelming feelings. Fortunately, you don’t need your home to be spick and span before experiencing the benefits of decluttering. Simple steps like sorting small piles of clothes or stationery can start clearing your mind.

  • Interact with Pets

Caring for a pet makes you less prone to feeling loneliness and promotes a more active lifestyle. Petting cats and dogs promotes the release of serotonin, which is the hormone that stabilizes your mood and feelings. You also get the added benefits of decreased cholesterol and blood pressure levels and increased interest in social activities.


woman using a smart phone

Your needs don’t only stop with the physical things. In the digital age, everyone is exposed to many technologies and online content. You should decipher whether you’re doing it right digitally.

  • Limit Your Screen Time

Browsing the web, scrolling on your favorite social media apps, or binge-watching the most popular series can be addicting. Learn how much screen time is too much, put your mobile device down, and walk away from your laptop or desktop for a good part of your day. Disconnecting from technology can refresh your mind and give you that much-needed break.

  • Clean Your Social Media Accounts

The next time you do access your social media accounts, try taking a more mindful approach. Does the content you scroll through benefit you in any way? Consider unfollowing or muting accounts that no longer interest you or that seem to distract from the updates you really care about. This way, you can still maintain your connection with them while cleaning up your home page.

  • Treat Yourself to Little Goodies

Sometimes, self-care really is indulging yourself in little pleasures. Browse through what the local gift shop can offer and get yourself something that will genuinely bring a smile to your face. Light a scented candle to help alleviate your mood. You can also take the time to enjoy your own homebrewed coffee or tea. Slowing down from your usual fast-paced routine allows you to appreciate the present moment.

Follow Your Own Path

Keep in mind that self-care is an ongoing process. There’s no hard and fast rule that determines the best routine for everyone. Go at your own pace and discover what techniques and habits work best for the lifestyle you want.

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