Ever since the outbreak started, depending on your situation, people have been trying to find their footing, concerning the situation everyone is in. Everyone’s been struggling to find a secure foothold to conserve their health while trying to cope with the pandemic.

Each situation is different, but the choice of replying positively or negatively to the pandemic lies within the person. Some might while their time away testing their brain through smart games on apps on their phones, or others might just focus on seeing the situation for how bleak it is. All these, however, can be solved if people instead choose to focus on caring for themselves through practicing proper self-care.

There has never been a better time to practice self-care other than right now, during the pandemic. Take a look at these tips and see how you can be better equipped with dealing with the challenges being brought about by this situation.

Continue Your Daily Normal Routine

Losing track of time is fast-tracked by the isolation that the pandemic lockdown has brought about. There are ways to break this monotony; this is through the continued practice of whatever routine you’ve been doing, even before the pandemic.

Some people embrace the routine of work. They get up, use the time they used to spend during the commute for other exercises, and just continue to work as they used to, even while at home. It’s much easier to keep focused if you think you’re in the office.

There are other ways to continue the routine you’ve been doing, and that might be through meditation and taking the time to focus each day. Time is also relative; some people find that they only have to be disciplined with it, as there is so much of it during the pandemic.

Create a Schedule and Put ‘Communicating Virtually’ in it

There has never been a better time to connect with your loved ones than during this pandemic when everyone is doing their stuff mostly at home. There are two ways people can go about this. If you have relatives or family members close by or at home, you can host dinners for them or set a family time each week to have everyone together.

If you’re far away from each other, family time can still happen; only, you’re going to have to take a page from work by going online. Each family member should have free time they can set aside to call each other just to catch up and ask how each other is doing. It’s a great practice especially if you’ve never been close to each other before.

Get Outdoors in Close Vicinity

With lots of free time, you can also pick the right time when you can walk around close to your home. Check to see if there are parks near where you live or docks that are open, even during the pandemic. There are activities you can do here like ride a bike, take a brisk walk, or do races. It’s something you shouldn’t overlook.

Exercise makes for a more focused worker, so try to set aside at least an hour of your time for this. Exercise doesn’t have to be done with full gym equipment. Aside from riding a bike or jogging, you can also do push-ups or sit-ups, among other easy-to-do workouts.

taking a walk outdoors

Don’t Miss Out on your Meals

Haven’t you noticed why you’re sometimes lethargic on the way to work and you have so much energy to spare at home? Perhaps you’ve experienced having to rush to work because you’re late. It’s important to still remember to eat even if you’re rushing, but now, you have all the time in the world to eat breakfast before work.

The reason behind this is simple; with enough food, the energy you need to finish work and focus while doing it will be there. You can also think clearer and be quicker in finishing your tasks when you eat well. If you find eating regularly to be difficult, you can try to replace other food with easy-to-access fruits or healthy biscuits.

Keep Moving, Keep Active

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you are more focused when you have more activity. Being active doesn’t also mean you have to exercise every chance you get. Sometimes, the work you do at home is exercise enough for you. Take that time to burn some energy.

Finding your focus waning? Walk around. Take a look at some tasks you can finish quickly before going back to work. Aside from re-focusing yourself and refreshing your mind, doing some activities at home helps you feel as if you’re not at the office without you losing your focus at work.

Some find the transition from office work to virtual telecommutes to be too troublesome; however, it’s a matter of finding the right balance of work life and home life. Take these tips and see if they can help you in your new remote work journey.

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