The sudden outbreak of the global pandemic brought with it multiple challenges. People scrambled to find different avenues to help them cope with the stress and anxieties prompted by the shelter-in-place measures. The mental and emotional tolls that this brought were some of the most alarming issues.

Fortunately, the development of a vaccine has put the world on the slow road towards recovery. Lockdowns are beginning to ease, and people are starting to go out again. There is one hobby that people picked up during the height of the pandemic that’s expected to spill over into the coming year: gardening.

A Certain Shade of Green

Being cooped inside their homes for almost an entire year, people surely developed a better appreciation for nature. The demand for outdoor spaces skyrocketed, which is one of the main reasons mass migration to the suburbs occurred.

During this time, gardening bloomed as people longed to establish and nurture a connection with the environment. It was observed that more than 20 million people took up gardening as a way to weather the global pandemic.

The hobby truly blossomed within the context of such an unfortunate year. Plant nurseries witnessed a spike in seed sales. People invested heavily in proper irrigation system installation to help their plants grow. Community gardens also became a popular destination for where people worked in timed shifts.

Personal Sanctuaries

How exactly did gardening rise as a coping mechanism during the pandemic? One of the biggest reasons is because it offers a lot of health benefits overall. It’s been observed that gardening is a leisure activity that prevents brain shrinkage in older adults.

The size of our brains determines how well our cognitive abilities are maintained, especially as we age. More than this, gardening can also be therapeutic. It provides solace and comfort to alleviate depressive symptoms.

Improving hand-eye coordination and finger flexion are some of their physical advantages. It also allows people to take a break from staring at the screen all day. Gardening can also be turned into a fun family activity that can improve everyone’s wellness and mindfulness during such trying times.

Grow Plants and Personalities

gardening concept

Gardening also offers a lot of rules and lessons that can often be applied to our own lives. For instance, there’s a certain sense of orderliness that goes into planting and maintaining your own garden. Implementing that same organizational aspect can help you better manage your personal tasks.

The calm and patient manner of gardening is also the perfect way to ease any repressed frustrations, stress, or other negative emotions you may have. It provides a peaceful outlet for people to unload and unwind.

There are also many challenges, risks, and rewards to consider when maintaining an entire garden or particular plant. Some may need varying amounts of water, sunlight, or fertilizer to thrive compared to others. It can serve as a good reminder for you or a teaching moment for kids to go at their own pace.

Fresh, Homegrown Ingredients

Many people have also become more inclined to set up their own food gardens. In the midst of an unemployment crisis, it can also be a good way to battle food insecurity. Not to mention the added health benefits of knowing that your ingredients are truly organic.

People have chosen to grow their own vegetables, herbs, and even fruits in their own homes. It’s one of the most notable gardening trends at the moment. Having this kind of lifestyle can also help to influence you and your family’s diet.

Regardless of your garden’s size, whether it’s outdoors or on the windowsill, this is a wonderful idea. Having the liberty to pick and choose your own fresh ingredients on a whim is such an economic and wholesome advantage.

In Full Bloom

An important thing to consider is that gardening is so much more than just watering and maintaining plants. It transcends these usual notions. There are countless ways that this simple hobby can help you improve overall.

Keeping your hands busy, alleviating your disposition, and impacting your food preferences are just a few of these instances. Gardens have a purpose outside of just housing plants. This is why many people decided to get into it during one of the most stressful years in recent history.

The way you design your garden can also be indicative of its significance. It can serve as an open area for kids to play and families to gather if it’s outdoors. Indoor gardens can function as an escape from your usual home office as you work-from-home. It should come as no surprise that gardening, in its entirety, has a lot to offer, especially during these trying times.

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