You have already heard that it is unhealthy to sit down for a long time. But for many people, that is just not an option if they want to pay their bills. They are stuck for at least 8 hours behind a desk with work that can only be done seated. Fortunately, if you also have a desk job, there are some modifications you can make to your workspace to maintain (or improve) the overall wellness of your mind and body.

Meditation and Breathing Exercises

Do not worry — this will not affect your productivity at work. In fact, it might even allow you to focus better, leading you to provide outputs in a shorter amount of time. There are varying kinds of meditation, each with its own purpose and effect on your mind and body. Although it may be difficult to meditate at work, and if you prefer to designate spaces to certain tasks, there are times when you just might be left without a choice.

Stress and anxiety can be a common result of being overwhelmed with the tasks at hand. If you have already experienced either of them, you know firsthand how disruptive and spontaneous they are. Therefore, meditating or practicing breathing exercises can reduce these episodes and provide your mental health with additional protection for the tough workdays.

When you find it difficult to focus, you can use your olfactory senses to transport your mind and body to a different, wishful location. For instance, candles can create an atmosphere and evoke nostalgia. By using a candle-making fragrance oil that reminds you of a moment that can remove your mind from the presence of a stressor, you will be providing yourself a means to escape- if even for an instant- at your very own desk. You could always put out the candle if you feel ready to go back to work again. Just make sure you checked with HR if it is okay to keep one at your table.

Exercise Ball As A Chair

You might have seen them on TV as medical shows tried to tackle the unavoidable issue of sitting too long at work. Exercise balls provide your body with an unstable shape for you to sit on. This requires your muscles to stay active, increasing your strength while working.

It also ensures that you maintain good posture while sitting down, unlike traditional seats that permit you to slouch since there is no instability in an office chair. These chairs are made to be comfortable. Exercise balls may be uncomfortable due to their lack of a backrest, but they will keep your spine straight as you work.

Another benefit is that they can help you burn more calories compared to sitting at a normal chair. This is due to the aforementioned muscle activation that exercise balls provide. Keeping your body active while working will allow you to reach that ultimate goal of a work-life balance with minimal effort.

Eye Break

The other advice frequently doled by doctors on TV is to take a break from using the computer every 20 minutes to keep your eyes hydrated and recalibrated. It is known as the 20-20-20 rule, aimed to reduce the chances of eye strain. After 20 minutes of deep focus in front of your screen, you need to look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Even if you do not have a point that is 20 feet away, staring at the farthest corner in your room is good enough.

You will also benefit from a reduced glare on your screen. Make sure that your computer is positioned ergonomically for your use, and then decrease the brightness of your device accordingly. Not only will you be cutting electricity costs, but you will also protect your eyes from too much light stress. There is a reason why people instinctively cover their eyes when met with a bright light.

Visible light is a form of radiation. This means that too much exposure for a long period can encourage abnormalities or cell mutations. Aside from the eye break and glare reduction, you could even get an added protection by wearing glasses specific for protecting your eyes against computer radiation.

It can get frustrating to be glued to your seat all day, leaving you with little to no time to take better care of yourself. But a little self-care at your desk can go a long way. Next time, follow these tips and watch the stress melt away like the wax of a fragrant candle.

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