Our family plays a significant role in our overall health and quality of life. And if you’re someone who grew up with close family ties, those people are most definitely the first ones you’d call when you have problems or something to celebrate for. But with busy family lives, or new job opportunities, it’s not uncommon for families to not have enough time to see each other every day or week.

One great solution for that is a family reunion. This special gathering is a perfect time to bring everyone together after not seeing each other for a long time. And if you have new additions to the family, the family reunion is the best chance to introduce them. Here are a few tips on how you can plan for a healthy and safe family reunion.

Create a simple yet healthy menu

When families plan for reunions, hiring a grand catering or cooking scrumptious yet complex recipes are popular choices. The better option is to stick to the basics. Fresh and simple comfort foods are options that are guaranteed to please anyone. Plan for your family’s favorite recipes like your grandma’s classic cookie recipe or potato salad.

It will also be easier if you will ask for help from relatives in planning the meals, from the main dish, desserts, salads, and beverages. You can go for grilled goods such as classic hot dogs and hamburgers, design a taco bad where everyone can have fun making their own tacos, or have a potluck for more convenience.

Plan for food safety

Surely, you don’t want anyone to get sick during the reunion, right? That in mind, it’s crucial that you plan for food safety. It’s best to set up your buffet or meal table in a cool and shaded area to ensure nothing will spoil or go bad too quickly. You can also designate a mealtime to ensure foods will be served and eaten cold or hot as they should be. For leftovers, you can pack them in well-iced coolers or in the fridge. If you’ll be preparing or cooking meat, make sure you have plenty of ice to keep them chilled and avoid foodborne illnesses.

Pick the best location or venue

family dinner

Next critical thing to plan for is the location. Ideally, you want a venue that is accessible for the majority of your family and is of course, suitable for the set budget. In terms of preferences, if your family is opting for a place with fun amenities like pools and lodging, a campground is a perfect choice.

If you want to have a more personal setting, you can choose to rent a campsite area and put up tents or canopies. For everyone’s convenience, you can rent portable toilets in case you’ll be staying on a site without access to bathroom utilities. You can also rent a sound system or tables and chairs if your budget allows. Other venue options you can look into are bed and breakfast or your home’s backyard.

Prepare for entertainment

Fun and entertainment should be present in any reunion, especially if you have too many kids or teens in the family. You can organize a family trivia event and tackle topics such as television, movies, or pop culture. If you want to get everything moving, you can host some yard games such as croquet, ladder ball, and cornhole, or set up a baseball or football game for sports lovers in the family.

You can also plan for an exciting scavenger hunt where every family member can participate. Got a swimming pool at the venue? Then you shouldn’t forget to have a pool party to keep the kids entertained during the reunion. Or maybe you want to showcase everyone’s talents? Host a talent show then.

Prevent illnesses and accidents

It’s always better to be prepared for any incident that could happen during the reunion. Apart from our food safety tips, make sure to ask everyone if they have allergies, whether on food, animals, or any other substances. It’s also important to keep the children supervised at all times, especially if you’re renting out a commercial space like campgrounds. Lastly, be sure that every family member uses good hygiene, especially those who are responsible for cooking and serving the food.

Family reunions should not only be fun and quirky but should also be a safe celebration with healthy meals for every family member. Nevertheless, planning for this kind of intimate and memorable gathering does not have to be too complicated. All you need to do is to take note of the tips in this guide and put them into action.

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