Each year, the number of pet-owning households only continues to grow. Statistics show in the U.S., up to 85 million households own pets. This goes to show just how many people love owning and caring for their favorite animal.

Why Most People Can’t Help but Own a Pet

People get themselves a pet for many reasons. Some simply want a loving companion. Others love pets so much that they want to give shelter animals a permanent home.

Some people adopt pets to improve the safety of their homes. Others simply love the idea of caring for a pet and knowing someone is waiting for them to go home and cuddle. There are also people who believe pets can boost their family’s mood and health, which is why they opted to adopt one.

Did you know that pets can also make you a better person? May experts and pet parents can attest to the fact that their pooch actually changed their life and helped turn themselves into their better version. According to them, their pets made them happier, more active, more positive, more social, and less stressed out.

The Bad of Pet Parenting

Pet parents don’t know that owning and taking care of a pet also comes with certain risks. For one, the cost of raising and ensuring your pet’s health comes at a hefty expense. Aside from his essential needs, the regular and necessary trips to the vet clinic can quickly add up.

Aside from the costs of pet parenting, pets can also pose a health threat. Some people are simply allergic to cats and dogs. People with compromised immune systems can quickly get sick from all the dirt and stuff pets can transfer to them.

Don’t forget that some pets like cats and dogs can scratch or bite you. If your dog is not vaccinated, his bite can cause injuries that will surely require medical intervention. A cat with fleas that scratches or bites you can pass on scratch cat disease.

Despite the risks, many choose to continue owning a pet. This is since they find joy and a sense of belonging with their pets. They want to continue enjoying the perks that pet parenting has to bring.

Pet Parenting Mistakes That Can Harm Your Health

playing with dog

Sometimes, pets can cause health problems to their owners. Thankfully, these are often easy to avoid. But still, many continue to commit the following mistakes that put their health at greater risk.

Taking Pet Health for Granted

Sadly, not all pet owners are responsible owners. Simply providing your pooch with enough food, water and a roof above their head is not enough to keep them healthy. Pets also need regular exercise, the right vaccinations, and your watchful eye to ensure they don’t get sick or come in contact with other animals that can carry certain diseases.

One great way to ensure you stay healthy as a pet parent is to also make sure your pet is healthy. You may be health-conscious and are living a healthy lifestyle. But if your pet is sick and you don’t do anything about it, they can pass whatever is making them sick to you and your family.

Poor Hygiene

Many pet parents love kissing and cuddling with their pets. Despite knowing how important proper handwashing is, many of us still take this for granted. Since our pooch loves dirty things, considering they sniff and eat basically anything, it only makes sense that we keep ourselves and our pets as clean as possible.

Make sure everyone, especially little kids, properly wash their hands after playing with pets. When picking up their poop, cleaning their cages, and cleaning litter boxes, always take extra precautions. As much as possible, use rubber gloves, and keep the house and their things clean.

Ignoring Bites and Scratches

Some people would ignore minor injuries caused by their pets. They think that a bit of scratch or a little bite that did not bleed won’t cause any health problems. But in reality, pets can transmit diseases even if they only caused a small wound.

It is not enough that you washed the wound after your pet accidentally bites or scratches you. You want to make sure the wound won’t get infected by seeing your doctor immediately. They can provide the necessary intervention and recommended the best course of action which may involve observing your wound and your pet for the next few days.

The numerous perks pet ownership has to offer are more than enough to convince you to adopt your own pet. But then, this also comes with great responsibilities. Every decision you make can influence your pet’s quality of life and your own health. Choose to be a responsible pet owner and avoid committing these mistakes that can actually harm you in the long run.

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