Cats can make lovely pets when you want a little peace. They can be quiet and move stealthily, and you don’t have to watch them constantly. Cats are independent, but they do want attention and care on their own terms. And often that happens when they need you the most: when your feisty feline is expecting a litter of kittens soon.

If you find that your cat is pregnant, she might need more care and attention than before—especially these days, when there is evidence that the coronavirus can infect cats too. Luckily, there are time-tested steps that you can follow so your cat will be in good shape to care for her litter of kittens.

Go to the Nearest Vet

Just like us, our pets should be checked regularly by doctors too. That way, your cat will not develop serious complications or illnesses during her pregnancy. The good news is that most vet clinics are considered essential. Many are allowed to stay open, so your cat will have the attention it needs.

Moreover, you should avoid letting your pregnant cat go out as much as possible. As the virus is still raging on, keeping your furry friend away from danger is best. Call the nearest vet clinic first, and schedule your visits. Usually, your cat should be given needed boosts and nutrition for her pregnancy. This way, she can have all the nutrients, passing it to her kittens through breastfeeding in time. However, if your cat’s vaccinations are not up-to-date, it’s best to meet with your vet and discuss the options.

Provide the Nutrition Your Pet Needs

Cats often produce a litter of three to five kittens; make sure your cat eats well during her pregnancy period to ensure that all the kittens will survive. Pregnant cats are almost always hungry. If you’re unsure about what to feed her, call your vet.

Know that it is better to increase their food portions too. To do this, you may have to gradually add more kitten formula every day for about 7 to 10 days to her food. Take your time, and don’t rush to increase her food intake. You should be careful and make sure that the increase does not upset her stomach.

Additionally, let your cat drink lots of water for her to stay hydrated. But you should know that if her weight does not increase by 40 to 50%, and she loses interest in food, then you should take her to the vet as there may be a problem.

comfortable cat

Maintain Good Hygiene and a Clean Environment

Make sure you give your pet cat a much-deserved clean environment. Prepare a warm and cozy box where she could rest and even give birth. Make sure that she has enough water every day. Pregnant cats may need extra attention from their owners. A great way to do that is by giving your cat a soothing massage. That should make them feel relaxed and restful.

At home, you should place your cat in a separate room with a much cleaner environment. If possible, do not place them in an area where they could run off and possibly wander. That means extra safety for you too. Getting infected would mean that you may have to distance yourself from everyone, including your cat.

If there are circumstances where you have to move houses, and you need to bring your pregnant pet to a different location, you could look for a pet transport company to help you move if you have several animals at home. Not only do you ensure the animal arrives without a single scratch, but you also are assured it is provided for every step of the way.

Prepare for your Cat’s Due Date

Before your cat gives birth, you should provide her with a nest or a box in a secluded room. This is a place for her to give birth and aid her newborns. This is her birthing box. So you should provide her with a container comfortable and tall enough for her kittens.

If you don’t plan to keep the kittens, ask friends and neighbors if they want a cat in the family. Make sure that the kittens have had their shots and are old enough before you give them to their new owners.

Usually, domesticated cats are not as independent compared to “wild” cats when giving birth. So prepare ahead. When it all comes down to it, your tender loving care increases the chance of your pregnant cat to stay away from harm. To deliver healthy kittens and to give the world more reasons to smile.

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