As real estate prices continue to soar as house sizes either get smaller or remain the same, people have had to just deal with the limited space they already have. Not everyone is lucky enough to have huge cabinets, wide floor space, and high ceilings, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have ample room to freely move around their home.

So, what is there to do? The best way to expand storage space is to make good use of what’s already available, and it’s possible to do so without spending a fortune. Here are some effective ways to transform a home with a little planning and by making the most of what’s already at hand.

Make use of off-site and external storage solutions

For larger items that you just can’t part with, consider taking advantage of off-site or external storage solutions, such as storage buildings, sheds, and outdoor shacks. There are also off-site storage units available for you to rent, which is useful for seasonal items that you only need to use once every year.

Declutter your space

The most obvious way to increase the space in your home is to get rid of items you don’t need anymore. You can either donate your belongings, put them up for consignment, or sell them. Selling them not only helps you maximize your storage area, but it’ll also give you some extra money to keep or spend on transforming your space.

Use multipurpose furniture

Multi-tasking furniture can free up tons of space while keeping all your belongings organized. You can find innovative pieces like Murphy beds, storage ottoman, storage benches, and foldable tables and chairs. You can also make use of the tops of cabinets, bookcases, and drawers for storing and displaying items.

Transform doors into storage solutions

Put all the doors in your home to good use by hanging storage caddies, racks, and organizers off of them. Since they’re only seen by the people inside the room, this is a discreet way of keeping organized while maintaining a certain aesthetic. They’re also very easy to move around and install, so you can mix and match them if you want to spruce things up every once in a while.

Decorate with functional accents

Bowls, jewelry trees, jars, trinket boxes, and tray organizers are great ways to keep a space neat and tidy while also adding a bit of flair and style. These are useful if you have a lot of small items just lying around.

Take advantage of vertical space

Don’t undervalue all the vertical space available on your walls. You can store small and medium-sized items here, specifically on shelving units, hanging storage racks, wall hooks, and floating cabinets. Furthermore, you can further organize these areas by putting everything in storage boxes and multipurpose trays.

Measure everything accurately

men carrying sofa

Make sure that you do a good job of measuring all the available space you have in your home. This ensures that you can effectively plan your home layout and buy appropriately-sized furniture, storage solutions, and decorative pieces to fit your space. If you already have furniture that just isn’t proportionate to the amount of space you have, then you may want to consider selling them in favor of more harmonious pieces.

Leverage the free space under certain pieces of furniture

Sofas and beds have space underneath them that are perfect for tucking other items away from view. This is where you can keep storage boxes, suitcases, and baskets to organize your belongings. For beds, you can either prop up your mattress with these storage solutions or you can raise it with a frame. Most sofas usually already come with extra space underneath, so it’s just a matter of looking for ways to strategically hide all the junk you’ll keep down there, such as with a sofa skirt or a throw blanket.

Add extra shelves to closets and cabinets

Most closets and cabinets come with adjustable shelving units, so you should try rearranging them to make space for larger items. You can also customize these interiors by adding more shelves, as well as installing hooks and rods if there’s space for them. This allows you to store more items or larger items that wouldn’t usually fit there.

Clear up junk drawers

Everyone’s got a space in their drawer where they toss random paraphernalia and useless odds and ends. Most people know this as a “junk drawer.” If you’ve got one, or more than one, it’s time to clear it up and discard any unnecessary scraps. You can use it to store more important items that are lying around.

There’s no need to buy a huge, expensive house if you want to have more room to breathe. All you need to do is make good use of the storage space you already have with these strategic tips.

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