Research suggests that taking time to rest outdoors may be essential for human health. Journalist Florence Williams wrote in her book, “The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative,” how moving to the mountainous terrain of Boulder, Colorado has benefited her mental health. But we don’t necessarily need to relocate to obtain the same benefits. We can enjoy them right in our homes, still.

The trick is to build a patio. A sprawling yard isn’t even required to create the space. Just purchase a beautiful patio set and protect it with high-quality awnings and shades from your trusted local awning company, and you’ve got a retreat close to nature.

That said, here are other reasons to build a patio, and some pointers on how to keep it fresh.

1. A Patio Can Be an Extension of Your Living Spaces

In a small home where you frequently entertain guests, the cramped living room and kitchen can feel even more cluttered with other people around. With a patio, you can finally let your indoor spaces breathe. Even if your patio isn’t the biggest, it can at least serve as an extension of your indoor living spaces, allowing a few guests to enjoy the sun and fresh air while anyone left inside can get themselves lost in an epic movie.

2. Nature Walks Improve Short-Term Memory

While you clean your patio and yard, you’d get a chance to walk all over your garden and reap the benefits, one of which being an improved short-term memory. A study found that walking near trees can boost your short-term memory by up to 20%. That improvement should be useful for your career!

3. The Outdoors Reduce Stress Hormones

Even a beautiful outdoor view from the window can decrease stress hormones, so imagine how much more stress-free you’d be if you’re outside. By spending some quiet time on your patio, you can drop all the worries you’ve dealt with at work during the day.

4. You Can Have More Excitement

A patio can make your abode bigger, which makes having it a little exciting. Moreover, the extra space may help in increasing the value of your home, letting you enjoy higher returns as long as you keep the costs of building the patio low. Now, isn’t that exciting?

5. Spending Time Outdoors Lowers Fatigue

Patio with grill and outdoor dining set

If you think watching Netflix all night relaxes your brain, that effect pales in comparison to being outside. Exposing your mind to restorative environments (a.k.a. the outdoors) is what truly eliminates mental fatigue. It stimulates feelings of awe, which is a sure-fire way to boost your mental health.

Extra Suggestion: Maintaining Your Patio

For you to keep your patio experiences always pleasant, maintenance is vital. Don’t miss it during your annual spring cleaning!

Wash the furniture with a nylon scrub brush dipped in diluted dish-washing soap and let it air-dry. Inspect for molds and mildew, and if they’re present, remove them with liquid chlorine bleach and powdered laundry detergent mixed with warm water. Simply saturate the affected area and let it sit for ten to 15 minutes, then scrub it off and rinse.

If you use wicker furniture, clean them with a soft cloth dipped in mild soap and water, and tidy up the grooves with a toothbrush. Scrub off mud and grime on the floor with a baking soda and vinegar solution.

Knowing the wonderful qualities of outdoor space, try not to rush to your electronics upon returning home from work next time. Pick up a book and sit on your patio for an hour or two. Your mind deserves a break from the chaos of digital technology.

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