Whether you have an existing home with a dull and dreary garden or you’re building a house and just finished hydroseeding your property in Utah or Alabama, these simple yet wonderful garden improvement tips can turn your home garden into a stunning piece of land.

Turn a Drab Garden into a Fab One with These 20 Garden Improvement Ideas

1. Put some of your junk to good use by turning them into eye-catching garden ornaments. An old bike surrounded by planters or a rustic chest of drawers utilized as planters makes for great conversation starters.

2. Upturn some old crates and stack two or three against each other to make an interesting display shelf for your smaller pots.

3. If your fences need some TLC such as repairs or a new paint job, get to it.

4. Create a nice garden seating area using old pallets and discarded wood. You may get these for free from most garden centers.

5. Add some color to your greens by adding bedding plants such as Antirrhinum or snapdragons and Tagetes.

Flower garden

6. Consider adding a few inexpensive garden statues. You can give them a touch of class by giving them a paint over.

7. Gather some old or unused bricks or slabs and lay down a footpath leading to different parts of your property.

8. Sometimes, placing large rocks strategically as borders for certain areas is a nice touch that’s inexpensive yet effective.

9. Perk up your patio with a nice large area rug and some oversized pillows to give it a cozier and more inviting feel.

10. Build an outdoor bar for you and your guests to hang out in. Enjoy a whole afternoon outdoors just chilling with your friend or family over meaningful conversations.

11. If you’re not keen on buying new planters, why don’t you repaint your old ones? Look for a color that will work well with your garden and your house’s color scheme to make it look professionally planned and executed.

12. Add some hanging boxes or baskets filled with blooms to your fencing to add more life to your vertical spaces.

13. Consider repurposing your garden shed into something more creative. A she-shed, art studio, mini-library, a summer house, a playroom, or whatever you can think of. Your creativity is your limit.

14. Whoever said home accessories can only be used indoors? Dress up your garden with a few textural indoor accessories and make that area an extension of your home indoor space.

15. Upcycle some old furniture for garden use such as old cabinets turned into a potting table, an old shelf into a vertical garden, and vintage picture frames filled with plants.

16. Add some garden lighting for a striking visual impact, especially at night. It doesn’t have to be expensive garden lighting. Even the simplest one you can find can have a huge impact on your garden’s visual appeal.

17. Consider adding a mini veggie garden. You may use some trugs to plant peas, beets, trugs as planters if you do not have enough space for a full-scale vegetable garden.

18. DIY a ladder shelf for pots and other garden decors. It adds a creative touch to your garden space.

19. Liven up some pots and planters by custom painting them in whatever pattern or design you like.

20. Do not throw out old pots and pans. Instead, give them a good cleaning and upcycle them (or even paint them if you’d like) as alternative planters.

Having an exquisite garden doesn’t need to always be done by a professional landscaper. All you need is a little creativity and resourcefulness to turn things around.

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