To be healthy, most people eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, sleep and rest well, drink plenty of water, and avoid harmful vices. If you’re one of these people who got these things covered, then good for you. There’s still, however, an important piece missing in your quest to be healthy – having good oral health.

But how do you take care of your oral health? Of course, you need to practise good oral hygiene by brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash regularly. And equally important is seeing your dentist regularly as only a dental professional will be able to truly assess and improve your oral health.

Here are three main reasons you should go to your dentist regularly.

Routine check-ups

At least twice a year, you need to visit your dentist for a routine check-up. It is during these visits that your dentist will be able to make an assessment of your overall oral health. Your dentist will examine the health of your mouth, teeth, and gums and recommend any dental procedure or treatment that needs to be done to improve your oral health.

You may also request to have a dental cleaning during such visits. This procedure is strongly recommended as regular brushing and flossing alone are not enough to remove all the plaque and tartar build-up at the gum line and between teeth.

Enhancement procedures

Sometimes you also need to see your dentist to get some dental enhancement procedures that will give you not only sparkling white teeth but also a winning smile. For stained or discoloured teeth, for example, your dentist can perform a tooth bleaching or whitening procedure on you.

Dental veneers might be better, however, if your teeth (especially the front ones), aside from being heavily stained, are also chipped or decayed. Then, to correct teeth that are not properly aligned (i.e., overcrowded or spaced out), you can get braces and afterwards retainers.

Just remember to only get your tooth whitening procedure, veneers and braces from reputable Townsville dental clinics.

Necessary treatments

Lastly, you will need to see a dentist for any necessary dental treatment. A dental treatment can be something as simple as tooth fillings or something more serious like a dental cyst removal surgery. In between, there are the regular tooth extractions for damaged teeth that can no longer be saved.

This includes minor surgeries to remove impacted third molars, more commonly known as wisdom teeth. Root canals, together with a dental crown or cap procedure, are also a routine dental procedure that is used to treat damaged teeth.

The good thing is that you can avoid having these dental treatments if you practise good oral hygiene and regularly visit your dentist for routine check-ups.

Good Oral Health Contributes to Good Overall Health

 Girl flossing her teeth at home

As your mouth, teeth, and gums are part of your body, you will not be completely healthy if you have poor oral health. And to help ensure you have great oral health, you will have to practise good oral hygiene and regularly see your dentist be it for routine check-ups, enhancement procedures or necessary treatments.

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