Imagine coming home after a long day at work and finding a pile of dirty linen and a sink full of dirty dishes. If you think work was stressful, looking at those linens and dishes will make you feel worse. Yes, it is time-consuming to deal with household chores, especially if you’ve already spent the rest of the day working. However, studies suggest that a messy house can lead to more than dirty linens and dishes. It can, in fact, affect your physical and mental health.

Clutter Affects Physical and Mental Health

How does a messy house lead to high blood pressure and heart disease? It’s straightforward. A messy house makes one feel stressed. No person can escape from the stress that a pile of dirty laundry brings. It’s the same thing as seeing a stack of papers on your work desk. You haven’t even seen what you have to work on, but you’re already feeling the pressure. That’s how looking at a messy house feels like. You are literally stressed by the sight of what you have to do to clean up.

Later on, that stress will affect your physical health. Stress is a cause of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. You will find yourself short of breath or having difficulty breathing when something stresses you out. Take that stress away, and you will feel infinitely better.

So how do you keep clutter away from your house? You do it yourself, or hire home-cleaning services that can keep your house pristine all the time. While the latter will eat into your budget, it’s the easiest way to keep a clean house.

Messy Homes Drain Your Wallet

It may seem unrelated at first, but when you look closely, you can develop bad spending habits if your home is always messy. Why? You will become so used to having a messy home that you wouldn’t mind it anymore. You will buy things you don’t need. These unimportant objects will fill up your home. But because you don’t mind the mess, you will not see it as a problem. When you begin organizing things, that’s when you will realize that you shouldn’t be spending too much on things that are useless to you.

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Disorganization Hinders Career Growth

If you get used to living in a messy home, you will bring this habit to your office, too. Look at your work desk. How cluttered is it compared to the other employees in the office? Even if you are a skilled employee, your messy desk will send the wrong signal to your bosses and workmates. This disorganization can hinder your career as a promotion will not likely be on its way to you.

Numerous studies already show that a cluttered desk affects a person’s ability to be productive. Think about how delayed you are in your deadlines. A disorganized workspace is a distraction. It will impede your brain’s functions, slowing its process down and affecting its abilities to be creative.

Dirty Homes Affect Relationships

Disorganization and mess easily agitate people. So a messy home can put a strain on your relationship because both of you are stressed out just by looking at the mess around you. Most people don’t realize that’s what’s affecting their relationships. They are arguing because they can’t quite figure out why they feel triggered at home.

Are you aware that even your kids’ relationships with each other can be affected by clutter? Since kids are mostly staying at home right now because of the pandemic, they are moody and tend to be aggressive. If they are agitated by the clutter in the house, that will lead them to quarrel with each other.

Instead of letting a cluttered home affect your personal relationships, start decluttering now. Bring in those boxes and begin sorting out all the items and objects you have lying around. Even if you have kids, that’s no excuse for a messy home. You can even invite the rest of the family to join in on organizing the entire house.

A messy home benefits no one. It adversely affects your health, relationships, and career. So why are you still keen on keeping your house a mess? Why not take the time to organize your stuff and make sure that everything is in its proper places? It is so much easier to organize a home than maintain its clutter, so why let something as trivial as “not having enough time to clean up” stop you from achieving your goals?

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