The pandemic has affected people’s lives to the extent that it is difficult to put together in words. From economic drop-off to losing jobs, from witnessing daily death rates to experiencing deaths in your own family. Even though it has been almost a year, this deadly virus is still present everywhere, and it is not safe to be out there.

People are still struggling with proper treatments and vaccinations. In this situation, there is only one thing in our hands, to keep ourselves protected in every way possible. Therefore, we should put more emphasis on taking the necessary precautions and maintaining proper hygiene habits.

Here are some health and wellness tips that you must follow:

Keeping Your Body Clean

The first step towards maintaining a healthy body is to keep it clean. Showers should not be skipped, especially after being outdoors. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears frequently. Regularly touching your face may allow viruses to enter your system. Wash your hands often, and don’t wait until your clothes are dirty to wash them. To avoid germ contact, use clean handkerchiefs every day. It is also advised to sanitize your hands regularly with sanitizers.

Keeping the Environment Clean

A dirty environment can easily contribute to making you sick. It would be best if you learn to keep your surroundings as healthy as your own body. The cleaner the house, the more positive you feel. Make a habit of not throwing away but putting the garbage in the disposal bins. Also, have a separate dumpster for dry and wet waste. These small actions can lead to great results. If your surroundings are clean, you are less likely to catch numerous fatal infectious diseases and not just COVID-19.

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Stay Physically Active

If you don’t indulge yourself in some physical activity, there are high chances of viruses attacking you. That’s because your immunity power gets weak. Start doing some exercise, going to the gym, doing workouts, meditating, or simply helping with daily household chores. Such physical activities can strengthen immunity and thus overall health. Having a robust immune system will protect you from being affected by COVID-19 and enable you to fight it if you are affected by the virus.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

It has been a long time since people, without any fear, could meet their friends and families. Many are stuck in different places; many are at home but stressed. This situation has brought numerous challenges due to which people have become lonely.

Working from home and online classes have saved us, but they have also isolated many, affecting their mental health. The best way is to socialize virtually, communicate, share your problems, and stay connected through video calls.

When there’s a mental strain, you may suffer from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and so on. This reflects on physical health and hence higher chances of you catching the coronavirus. When your immunity is weak, the disease may prove deadly. Therefore, keep your mental health in check to protect yourself.

Healthy Eating Habits

Controlling cravings for junk food is difficult. It can be more difficult when you depend on snacking the whole day, and your refrigerator is a few steps away. However, you must be aware that consuming unhealthy food is one of the reasons kids and adults have become physically inactive today. Therefore, this is the correct time to follow a healthy diet and quit depending on packaged and processed foods.

Eat more fresh and local food; consume more green vegetables and fruits. Besides controlling your eating habits, you also need to drink ample water to keep yourself hydrated. Proper nutrition is the key to battling not just corona but any other disease.

Good sleep schedule

A night of good sleep is essential for living a healthy life. People today have very ineffective sleeping schedules. Some work until late at night, some watch Netflix until morning, and some face problems sleeping early. These habits can invite more health problems, such as weight gain, stress, hair fall, lack of concentration, less productivity, depression, etc. Since sleep, just like mental health reflects on your body, you make yourself sensitive to COVID-19.

That said, sleeping patterns are as important as daily exercise and healthy food intake. Good sleep increases your metabolism, improves immune function, maximizes athletic performance, and keeps your heart, blood, skin, and overall health.

We must not forget that the pandemic has not ended yet, and a little carelessness can affect our families and us. Do not avoid wearing masks, washing your hands regularly, maintaining a distance, eating healthily, and following hygienic practices. These steps could be a significant contribution to fighting the crisis.

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