It’s easy to protect your kids if you’re there. You can look after them and watch out for harms that may be coming your way. Taking care of them isn’t also a problem if you’re present. Being right by their side can give you peace of mind that everything will be fine.

However, problems and worries may arise if you need to go away for quite some time. Some instances may require you to be away from your children. Your instinct would cause you to think about the worst things that can happen while you’re not around.

One thing that would cross your mind for sure is the possibility of your children getting injured. This worry is very valid. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cited that injury is the leading cause of children and teen deaths in the US. That alone can induce anxiety if you are a parent. How much worse could it make you feel if you need to be absent for days?

The good thing is that there are measures that you can apply before you leave your children. Here are some tips you can follow to protect your children from injuries while you’re away.

Hire a babysitter

You can hire a trusted babysitter for short-term absences to look after your children. It’ll be better if you already know someone you previously hired to be there with your kids. If you have a trusted relative who can take care of your kids, choose them. It’s imperative to get a babysitter that’s responsible enough to be doing the job. Remember that this person should help reduce the risk of getting your children involved in harmful activities. A good babysitter can also get along with the kids easily. But you may have to do your part in making this happen. Days before you leave, introduce the babysitter to your kids. This can make your kids comfortable with the person who will take care of them in the following days. Your children and the babysitter need to have a little camaraderie. This will make it easier for the babysitter to get along with your children. It’s also going to make it easier for the babysitter to handle your kids. But the most important thing is for your children to be protected from injury. That’s the main goal for hiring a babysitter.

Maintain safety in your living space

If you frequently go away, say for business trips and job-related travels, you may want to make your living space safe for your children. If you have little children, make some improvements to your house or baby-proof your home. Kids can go active sometimes and run outdoors. Make sure that they don’t slip by applying waterproof decking systems. Do this, especially in areas where moisture can accumulate and make your floor slippery. Big appliances or furniture should be attached firmly onto walls. Install railings on stairs that can protect your children from falling. These are just a few precautionary improvements to make your house safer for your kids.

capsules of medicine

Keep medicines and chemicals away

You know how dangerous it is if you accidentally ingest medicines or chemicals you’re not supposed to take. This dangerous accident may happen to your children too. The only difference is that your kids may not know what they’re ingesting. That only makes it worse. Kids have playful behavior that you may want to protect them from. They tend to be curious about some substances around the house. And, of course, to feed their curiosity, their instinct is to taste these substances. That’s something you don’t want to happen. That’s why you should be responsible for keeping those medicines and chemicals away from your children’s reach. Put it somewhere secured like storage with a lock. This will help prevent your children from having access to these substances.

Prepare their food before you go

We all know how vital food nutrition is for your kids. Healthy eating hasĀ lots of benefits. You would want your children to develop a habit of choosing nutritious food over unhealthy ones. If you’re about to be away for some days, perhaps, a week, you can do meal preps. You can advise your children or their babysitter about the prepacked food they’re supposed to eat. This can ensure your children a healthy diet while you’re not around.

Restrict access to some places in your house

You won’t be able to look after your children when you leave. Because of this, you have to take precautionary measures to restrict access to areas in your house your children should not be allowed. These areas include storage rooms where you hide your tools and heavy equipment. This should prevent your children from getting injured. Secure these places with locks so your kids won’t be able to have access to them while you’re away.

Being away from your children may be challenging for you as a parent. But there are still ways to keep them safe from injuries and troubles. Maintain their safety even when you’re not around by following the tips mentioned above.

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