Instagram has paved the way for new social media stars—houseplants. They’re green and photogenic, brightening your timeline and leading you to browse through garden shops to place an order for one.

Whether you have a green thumb or not, houseplants are a popular way to style your home. Having indoor plants isn’t entirely a new trend. Designers have been suggesting that to add color and aesthetics to your home. Houseplants also work like a commercial-grade air purifier for improving indoor quality. In recent months, these plants have gained newfound popularity through this hashtag: #houseplantsofinstagram.

If you want to hop on this latest Instagram trend or merely want to bring the outdoors in now that we can’t go out much due to a pandemic, here are some beautiful houseplants you should check out.

Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss cheese plants, also known as monstera deliciosa, are a large, green beauty from the tropical forests of South Mexico. With their size, these plants can be enough to accent a rather dull corner of your room. Put them on white ceramic pots, and you will have Insta-worthy plants on display. They are also easy to care for—you only need to water them about once a week or when the top of the soil is dry to the touch.

Chinese Money Plant

Chinese money plants gained popularity because, according to Feng Shui, they give off vibrant energy that can help improve your finances. But beyond that lucky appeal, Chinese money plants feature smooth and heart-shaped leaves that will look great anywhere in the house—from the windowsill to a plain-looking corner of your living room.

Peace Lily

Also known as white sails, peace lily plants are ideal houseplants. They are widespread, affordable, and beautiful, especially when their flowers are in full bloom. A NASA study also shows that peace lily is one of the most efficient houseplants at reducing indoor pollutants and purifying the air inside our homes.

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Snake Plant

The snake plant is another air-purifying plant recommended by NASA. It produces oxygen at night instead of during the day, making it a good houseplant to have in your bedroom. In terms of aesthetics, the evergreen sword-shaped leaves of snake plants are pleasing to the eye. They are easy to care for; they won’t easily wither if you forget to water them. They are a great beginner’s plant. If you’re starting to have a houseplant collection, you can’t go wrong with these eye-catching snake plants.

Spider Plant

There are tons of reasons spider plants are the favorite houseplants of different generations. Whether you hang them or not, spider plants can make any corner of your room vibrant with their mounds of narrow leaves. Also, researchers say that these plants are great for reducing indoor pollutants and removing formaldehyde (a carcinogen that might be present in different household items, such as bedsheets).

Gardening has never been trendier. Choose a beautiful houseplant that is easy to care for, and you will find yourself joining the Insta-plant community online and reaping the health benefits of indoor plants.

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