Even as the world adjusts to changes and regulations set by a global pandemic, thousands of companies, artists, and more are still gearing up for the events that will be set after relative normalcy is restored. Medicine has caught up to defeat the coronavirus problem plaguing everyone. Even as social distancing measures may cast new regulations as things go back into place, outdoor events still have core elements that make them interesting and real success.

So, how can you make an impact with your attendees and be a cut above the rest? Here are a few things to elevate your outdoor event.

Don’t skimp on the tents.

Rain or shine, you want your outdoor event to keep your guests comfortable, and you’ll want the look of your tent to be professional yet aesthetically pleasing for any visual style you’re going for. Whether it’s a corporate get-together, a product launch, or a bohemian festival, a good bell tent rental can get you a long way and can determine how well-executed your set-up will be. After all, it’s essentially going to create the main space for the grounds you have or stand as a showcase section for your event. You can even designate different sizes or styles for VIPs and such.

Install customized pathways.

This idea is another design choice that adds that added layer of thought to your event. It can work as a helpful distinction for the floor if you have a big event with different sections or categories. It can also stand as standout pieces that add comfort to walking around as opposed to just having guests walk over covered ground.

Use the right mood lights.

More than just providing enough visibility for both the crew and attendees, having proper lighting with the right hues, placements, and brightness can significantly impact people’s perception of your space and the event as a whole. On top of being able to use the right colors to increase branding, mood lighting can also improve, you guessed it, moods.

You can get a crowd to be more stimulated, have a better appetite, feel more engaged, and even more at ease. Plus, strategic lighting can also provide you good focus points throughout your event area.

Set up an interactive wall.

With good interaction comes buzz and positive reception towards your event. If you’re concerned about the limitations of an outdoor event in terms of what you can set up, how you access electricity, or how many outlets will be workable, an excellent way to work with this is by putting up an interactive wall. The specifics can be tailored to your event’s goal and the feel of it, but a popular choice is an art wall that anyone can write or draw on. It adds a level of personalization and community that makes it more shareable on the socials.

Include a free pamper station.

Wedding decoration outdoors

Since it is an outdoor event, people will want refreshments and the like to keep them energized for the whole thing. If you have room in the budget, set up a pamper station where they can have some moist towelettes, a small drink, mints, access to facial mists, and sanitizers. Some of the most common complaints about events are about comfort, so providing them this little way to get more refreshed can do a lot and even be share-worthy.

These are just some practical ways to bring your outdoor event to the next level, and with proper planning, you should be able to execute a successful affair.

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