A job interview is not very fun, especially if you’re the one being interviewed. You feel like you’re under a microscope naked. You know that with one wrong answer, you’re out of the running for the position you’re applying for. You know that the interviewer will have an opinion of you even before you open your mouth to introduce yourself. Yes, it’s not very pleasant, and it could easily turn into an absolute disaster.

But you should not fret more than necessary. There are ways to make the process more manageable. Here are some of them.

Prepare for specific questions

When it comes to job interview questions, there are the usual suspects. Prepare for these tricky inquiries. For example: what is your greatest weakness?

No, the interviewer does not want to hear that you’re a slob and wait three days before washing the dishes in the sink. What you need to do is turn the question in your favor. For example, mention that you’re a little OCD. You like triple-checking an e-mail before hitting send. This answer makes your weakness an advantage in a professional setting.

For that often uncomfortable salary question, offer a range based on what you know about the job and the industry, instead of dropping a specific amount. Also, make sure to insert the word “negotiable” into your answer to give the impression of flexibility.

Research the company and the interviewer if possible

This is crucial to job interview preparation, but it is often overlooked. Interviewers like proactive candidates. And you cannot be more proactive than getting to know a company that has not hired you yet. Research so that you’ll know about the company culture and grasp what they’re looking for.

If you could research your interviewer too, the better. Just make sure your research does not cross the line to cyberstalking.

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Look your best for the interview

Make sure to do some beauty rest days before the interview. Eat well and exercise to sweat out toxins from your body. These will help you achieve a glowing look during your scheduled interview. Your eyes won’t be puffy while your skin will be clear and your overall aura will be pleasant.

Prepare a set of clothes that are professional-looking, comfortable, but not boring. Your chosen outfit should be based on what job you’re applying for and the culture of the company you’re applying with. Remember that overdressing is just as bad as underdressing, so ensure that you wear something appropriate for the occasion. Think something casual but stylish for an interview at Google, while a suit and a tie for an interview on Wall Street.

You can even go as far as tooth bleaching so that your smile will be as charming as possible. Remember that no matter how white your teeth are, if your smiles are fake, they won’t do you any favor.

Don’t drink too much coffee before the interview

No matter how extroverted you are, job interviews will give you nerves. So be kind to yourself and not overload your system with caffeine. Too much coffee will hijack your nervous system and make you extra giddy.

The best that can happen is you’ll be too chirpy during the interview, and the interviewer might think you’re oozing with a positive attitude. The worst that can happen is the interviewer might think you’re high on something because of your constant fidgeting. So do yourself a favor and be safe rather than sorry.

Remember that interviewers favor level-headed professionals. It might be difficult to stay levelheaded while your bloodstream’s soaked in caffeine.

According to the Financial Times, the United States saw its highest unemployment rate in April this year, amounting to 14.7 percent. The same happened in the United Kingdom, with claims for unemployment benefits reaching an all-time high. For a job hunter, this means worsened competition.

Now, more than ever, it would be challenging to land a job. Therefore, you must be on top of your game throughout the job hunting process. Make sure your resume is on-point, highlighting all of your most credentials. Do not hesitate to send applications to as many opportunities as you can. Think of it as improving your odds.

Once you get lucky enough to land an interview, do not forget the tips we’ve mentioned above. These simple strategies could very well spell the difference between a successful interview performance and one where you go home wanting nothing other than to plop down on your bed and sulk.

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