It has been over a year since the declaration of the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic in March 2020. Still, you and your family must stay on top of your home cleaning and disinfecting. The goal is to keep your house free from the various strains of novel coronavirus.

However, it’s easy for some family members to neglect the cleaning and disinfecting protocols at home. They need a little nudge so that they get reminded of the importance of health and safety in a COVID-stricken world. And it almost always starts at home.

For a gentle reminder amidst the pandemic, here’s how to keep your house COVID-19-free:

1. Clean Your House Regularly

With or without the COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning your house is a must. It won’t hurt to make your bed, sweep the floor, and sort your stuff every day. Also, clean your mess right away, toss out the trash immediately, and wash the dishes soon after eating.

Know that it’s best to clean the surfaces with a household cleaner using soap or detergent. The goal is to get rid of the germs and reduce the risk of infection at home. Ultimately, cleaning can help remove most microorganisms on surfaces.

cleaning corners

2. Focus on High-Touch Surfaces

When it comes to house cleaning, you must be highly critical and strategic. Yes, it’s imperative to perform a general house cleaning once in a while to cover all areas at home. However, there are certain areas you must prioritize and some that don’t require regular cleaning.

That said, pay particular attention to high-touch surfaces as they easily and quickly get exposed to germs. These include your doorknobs, light switches, countertops, and tables that you must clean regularly. You can clean other surfaces if and when they are visibly dirty.

3. Set Health and Safety Measures

A part of your overall cleaning strategy is to set health and safety measures at home. These protocols aim to reduce the contamination inside your house. Be sure to have your family members and visitors follow the practices below:

  • Take a bath regularly.
  • Wash hands frequently.
  • Sanitize hands before and after holding items.
  • Disinfect visitors and their items before allowing them to get in.
  • Have visitors wear a mask if they aren’t yet vaccinated.
  • Isolate sick family members.
  • Don’t invite unwell visitors (unless you need to take care of them).
  • When going outdoors, wear a mask and maintain social distance.

4. Prioritize Entry Points

clean kitchen

It’s one thing to keep your house clean. It’s another to regulate your house entry points. No matter how germ-free your house interior is, it can get contaminated through your doors and windows.

As mentioned above, you have to monitor the people getting in and out of your house. Have your family members clean up before entering the house and disinfect the items getting in.

In addition, make sure to secure your windows, especially if you live in a crowded neighborhood. Pollens, germ-carrying pests, and other debris can get into your house through these open windows.

5. Ensure Quality Air Circulation at home

Apart from house cleaning, ensuring quality air circulation at home is a must. Be sure to clean your house vents and ducts as dirt, dust, pollens, pet dander, mold spores, hair strands, and germs can get in through these entry points.

If it helps, consider hiring a duct or vent cleaner to ensure quality air circulation. While you’re at it, invest in air purifiers and filters and install them at home. They can capture germs in the air and kill microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.

6. Disinfect Your House Once in a While

There’s a line drawn between cleaning and disinfection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines cleaning as getting rid of dirt and germs from a surface using soap and water. On the other hand, disinfecting involves eliminating germs or killing microorganisms on the surface using chemicals.

Sure, the whole household must perform home cleaning regularly. However, it’s necessary to disinfect your house once in a while. That said, invest in safe chemical products or solutions and consider the list of EPA-approved disinfectants. They can kill the coronavirus. If not, you can make a homemade disinfectant recommended by the CDC. Combine chlorine bleach (one-fourth cup) with cold water (one gallon).

At this point, you now know what it takes to keep your home COVID-19-free. It takes a conscious effort and deliberate action to clean and maintain your house regularly. As such, be sure to follow the practical steps recommended here. By taking all these crucial steps, you’ll be able to keep your house safe and your family healthy!

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