Everyone breathes better when they leave the vehicle at home and rely on pedal power. Exhaust fume emissions are gone, cleaning the atmosphere, and your overall health will improve as a result. Biking picked up steam during this public health crisis, partly due to the comfort it offered.

According to research, riding bikes has risen by a considerable percentage since the pandemic started. After a long and eventful year, everyone deserves a chance to make positive changes. Bike riding regularly can help you improve your lifestyle. So, don’t hesitate to get on a bike and start enjoying all the health benefits it offers.

Bike Rides

As we slowly transition to our everyday lives, more and more people adjust from their usual pre-pandemic routines. The recent health scare has taught everyone a valuable lesson, particularly on the importance of our overall health and wellbeing.

That’s why it’s not surprising to see many people adopting health-conscious habits. One of the most sought-after transitions is riding bikes. In general, cycling pumps up your cardiovascular health and allows the body to gain an overall improvement. It serves as a fitness regimen that can also be a hobby.

Choosing a Bike

Significantly, the advantages of cycling go beyond the consumer. If you’re thinking of going on a ride, be sure to choose the one that fits your needs. But, with the numerous types of bicycles available today, how can you find the one that suits you?

The answer depends on what you intend to use them. Below, you’ll see some of the most popular bike types that can help in your decision.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are bikes that are lightweight and are well-geared for harsh conditions. From its name, these are suitable for competitions and speedways. It is composed of thin tires and often requires a lot of experience to master handling it. Because it can take the roughest tracks, it is often helpful for exercises involving long-distance travel.

Mountain Bikes

mountain bike

Mountain bikes are your best choice if you plan on doing off-road cycling activities. It has large tires with solid suspensions on both rear and front wheels to absorb shock, making a smooth ride even if there are plenty of obstacles on your way. However, this bike can come at a higher cost, depending on the durability and components.

Foldable Bikes

These bikes are now trending because they are flexible and compact, making them suitable for limited spaces. It is famous for individuals who want to cycle but don’t have a garage to park it in. Foldable bikes are also helpful for travelers as they can fit anywhere, even in the trunk of a car.

Electric Bikes

The increasing popularity of electric bikes is now at its peak due to the pandemic. Commuters are steering away from public transport because of the social distancing protocols. Electric bikes resemble that of a regular bicycle, but it comes with a battery and motor attached to it.

Innovative versions of e-bikes allow more room for personalization. For instance, you can install location detection devices similar to a GPS tracker used for car dealerships. Other than detecting your whereabouts, these come with advanced features such as notification warnings, security alarms, and emergency contacts.

BMX Bikes

Have you ever watched trick shows involving bikes? These are what many people call BMX bikes or motocross bicycles. These are highly durable and shock-resistant bikes that are suitable for off-road tracks. It only has one fixed gear, which makes it much less complicated than traditional bicycles. Manufacturers often produce this bike to be lightweight to make it suitable for jumps and other stunts.

The Benefits of Bikes

Bicycles play an essential role in our daily lives. Riding a bike diverts your attention away from unpleasant emotions by producing endorphins, which are feel-good brain chemicals that could help prevent anxiety and sadness. Bicycling is a popular stress-relieving activity that, when done regularly, will reduce stress levels.

These advantages could also amplify if you ride outdoors. According to research, being engaged in natural settings improves mental wellness. More so, it benefits your environment and the community because it boosts economic activity, reduces road congestion, and protects the environment.

You don’t need to buy expensive bikes. All that matters is your motivation to utilize it and enjoy the process. Cycling as a hobby is an excellent choice in maintaining your figure in tip-top shape. Try incorporating in on your routines at least three times a week. This way, you will surely reap the benefits of bike riding.

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