Two out of three American homes have a pet, which is equivalent to 85 million households. 63.4 million or 53% of American households own at least one dog while 42.7 million or 35.7% own at least a cat. Most cat-owning households, though, keep an average of two felines.

It’s not surprising how many people prefer to have pet companions. After all, having pets offers plenty of benefits, including:

  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Increased feelings of happiness
  • More opportunities for exercise, outdoor activities, and socialization

But while pets will fill your life with love and cuddles, they’re also guaranteed to fill your home with distinct animal odors, among other things.

Taking Care of Your Pet-Friendly Home

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Having pets means being responsible. You need to know how to properly care for the animal, make your home safe for them, and dedicate countless hours and other resources to training them to live with you.

In addition, you also need to prepare your home for certain issues that come with owning pets. For one, cats and dogs may pick up ticks from wandering outdoors, which may result in needing tick control services.

A lot of pets can also ruin your floors, walls, and furniture, either from scratching and biting or from play. But these things can be prevented with proper training and care. What’s a constant problem is the distinct smell that comes with owning a pet.

From their unique smell when wet to the odors they emit when they relieve themselves, all of these can leave your home smelling unpleasant.

Below, we share the best tricks to try to keep your home smelling fresh even with dozens of pets.

Have a dedicated area for your pets

It’s easier to keep your home from smelling of wet fur when you can keep your pet in a specific corner of your home. This way, their furs and pet oils aren’t on your furniture and the smell is contained to an easily washable area.

Clean pet areas regularly

From their toys and collars to their beds or litter boxes, it’s important to regularly wash the things your pets use to keep your home smelling fresh.

Since these are things they mostly roll around in, these things absorb their odor and eventually stink. Regularly cleaning them prevents the smell from permeating and being absorbed by your walls and floors.

Get the right fabric for your couch and carpet

If you own a pet that you cannot or will not contain in one area, like cats and dogs who tend to roam around the house, it’s a good idea to invest in furniture covers and carpets that are made from easy to clean materials.

A leather or microfiber couch or cover is easier to clean than linen or velvet, for example. You may also want to choose a color that matches your pet’s hide so the fur they shed isn’t as noticeable.

Bathe and brush pets frequently

Bodily oils are the main contributor to dog smells, which is also the same as other furry animals. So, it only makes sense that bathing your pets is the best way to keep their stink down to a minimum.

If your pets aren’t into taking baths, you can keep them smelling good by brushing them gently with a brush wet with a clean-smelling pet wash.

Use an air purifier

Odors cling to particles in the air, so it’s important to have clean air flowing through your home. Air purifiers improve indoor air quality by removing odor-causing particles. These devices also filter dust and fur from the air, further reducing sources of odor.

Put out a bowl of baking soda

Baking soda is an all-around ingredient, not just in food but also in cleaning concoctions. And sometimes, it works by itself.

This low-cost item absorbs intense odors, so if you open a box of it or pour it into a bowl and leave it near where your pets stay, you can reduce unpleasant odors caused by your furry friends.

Alternatively, you can sprinkle baking soda onto a smelly surface, like your living room rug, leave it overnight, and vacuum it the following day. This will help reduce the bad odor from the fabric.

Keep windows open

As mentioned above, clean air is the key to a fresh-smelling home. And what better way to get fresh, clean air than through your windows? Doing so not only allows fresh air in, but it also allows unpleasant odors to drift outside.

Keeping your home pet-friendly and fresh-smelling at the same time is easier with frequent cleaning and maintenance. Follow our tips above and continue enjoying your pet cuddles without worrying about unpleasant odors.

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