A significant portion of the world is currently quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s not the ideal situation to be in, but many have risen to the occasion. Parents have taken on the role of teachers, and office workers have taken on home chef roles. Many have also looked at making the time more productive by decluttering their homes.

If you’ve been looking at ways to redecorate your home, try applying an Asian tradition by looking into the art of feng shui.

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is a Chinese belief that the flow of energy within your living and working spaces should be unobstructed. They believe there should be harmony between the hustle and bustle of your daily lives and the environment in which you are staying.

Roughly translated, it means “wind” and “water.” And these two things often evoke feelings of calmness, freshness, and tranquility. As the legendary Bruce Lee once said, “You must be shapeless, formless, like water…Be like water, my friend.”

In the art of feng shui, rooms are divided into sectors (usually, North, South, East, and West). Some areas are said to be good for one’s love life, while others are good for luck, fortune, and well-being.

Depending on how you rearrange your furniture, your rooms should be areas that can aid you in your pursuit of health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Here’s where you can easily apply feng shui techniques:

Bedroom: Rekindle the Flame

The bedroom is a sacred space for most people. It’s where you can take a breather and get away from the chaos in your life and the world. For married couples, this can be especially true as their relationship can take a deep dive between taking care of the children and the demands of their work.

The first thing you have to make sure of is that your workspace is not in your bedroom. Keep these two things separate. Put up a small work area in an unobtrusive part of the room if you have limited space. If possible, get a desk that you can physically cover-up at the end of the day.

Secondly, place your bed in an area that experts call “the commanding position.” This means that your bed should be against a stable wall and facing the door. This allows you to be the master of your bedroom. However, do avoid the coffin position where the foot of your bed is directly in front of the door. Instead, simply make sure that you are within eyesight of the door.

And finally, declutter under your bed. Experts believe that what you have underneath your bed can subconsciously affect your passive (“yin”) state while you’re sleeping. Additionally, having space under your bed would help the energy flow more freely in the bedroom.

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Living Room: Relaxed and Calming Vibe

While the bedroom can be a place where you re-ignite your relationship with your partner, the living room is the perfect place to come together as a family. You don’t have to be an interior decorator to achieve this vibe.

It would be preferable that you have designated an area in your house with two exterior walls as your living room. This would usually mean the front of the house, making the room well-lit and ventilated without much effort.

Make sure you have enough furniture to accommodate everyone in the household (and any other guests that might drop by). Choose your furniture wisely as well. It would be a good idea to have the living room reflect the style of your house. If you live in a Tudor-style home, stick with vintage furniture that creates the same atmosphere indoors. Living in an urban, metropolitan setting? Industrial-inspired and modern furniture will be best.

Dining Area: Nourish Your Health and Happiness

The dining room is where friends and family usually gather for celebrations and parties. While you can’t exactly host a party while in quarantine, you can still ensure that your dining area is free from clutter. For example, do not use your dining room as a “dumping ground” for groceries, kids’ toys, or laptops. Seeing it cluttered in such a way is going to cause you anxiety.

Additionally, as with the living room, make sure your dining table can seat everyone comfortably. Experts also add that a strategically placed mirror (one that reflects the dining table) is beneficial for the flow of energy. Want to attract good energy for health and prosperity? Always have a bowl of fresh fruit or flowers on your dining table.

Finally, make sure the head of the family is facing east during mealtimes, while the rest of the family can face north, east, or west. This space is said to bring good luck and fortune to the head of the family, who is also often the breadwinner.

These are just simple ways to enjoy your time at home. You don’t have to believe in the power of feng shui to utilize them. At the very least, these should encourage you to have more love and happiness in your home.

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