The search for the perfect wedding dress can be exciting but it’s no easy feat. With all the options online, it’s quite difficult to stay the course and the selection process can be daunting.

Considering the current situation, fitting schedules are quite tight and you may have to move your schedule around dress consultation and fittings until you find the right dress for you. Not only is this going to be a lot of work, but it will also take away your time from the other things that need your attention, too.

If this sounds like your current situation or you would like to avoid being in this situation, we encourage you to take the off-beaten path that stylish and practical brides follow: go bespoke.

What’s Good About Going Bespoke

Creating your own design for your bridal dress is a really fun process. While there’s still work to be done, the journey is much easier because you know exactly how much you’re progressing in the dress department. You can focus your energy on refining the style you want rather than spending time going to one fitting appointment after another, only to come out of the studio empty-handed and feeling more frustrated than before.

This is why it’s best to have your dress made exactly the way you like. To achieve the best results, it’s worth noting that the custom-design process requires expert advice from a designer who actually makes bridal dresses. They will guide you in selecting and combining the materials, as well as other elements, to create your dress. This way, you can avoid the mistakes brides make when they customize their dress and pick the wrong dress that can lead to buyer’s remorse.

When you know exactly what your dress is going to look like, you have one less thing to worry about. You can be sure that you’ll be wearing something you truly like and comfortable in. Your dress is guaranteed to express your style and you’ll have full creative control as you and your designer go through the process.

When you take a tailored approach, you know that your dress will fit you right and will make you feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day.

Your dress, your rules

bridal dress concept

Brides love this bridal supply store that offers bespoke services for brides who want their dress to tell their personal story. The boutique is known for helping brides achieve their dream design for their wedding dress.

Before setting up an appointment, it’s best to have your design ideas organized so that you can start with the customization process soonest. The designer will help you get all the right materials and pick the right fabric to make your dress and review these with you for your final approval.

Though you are going for a custom-design dress, keep in mind that changing any part of your design mid-way can affect the amount of time needed to complete your dress. It’s best to be sure about the design that you’re going for before you approve a final design. This will help make the process run smoothly and ensure that your dress the right amount of assembly time it deserves.

A bespoke dress needs time and attention to detail, so communicating with your designer is key to achieve the exact look that you have in mind. Having said that, there’s still a lot of work involved but once you see the finished product, you’ll know that all the time and effort you invested in the creation process is definitely worth it.

Saves you time and money

Even with designer fees involved, it’s still more cost-effective to get a custom-design dress. Because your dress is made to measure, your fitting schedule is more organized and you know exactly what to expect each time you go to your fitting appointment.

On top of that, when you work with a local designer, you support local businesses and also cut down on shipping costs and extra fees that are typically involved when you buy outside of Utah.

How to Get Ready for an Appointment

Make sure that you’ve got everything outlined before scheduling an appointment. Bring copies of your design inspirations and photos that show dresses in fabrics that you like. It’s equally important to be specific about the things you’d like to avoid, to help the designer narrow down your options and help you make your vision a reality.

Brides who took the custom-design route say they are absolutely happy about their decision. They all agree that nothing compares to the excitement that they felt when they were working on their own dress design. For them, it was the highlight of their wedding planning and was truly worth the time and effort that they invested in.

The greatest reward, they said, was wearing a dress that is unique to their personal taste and style — and that’s something you can be really proud and happy about.

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