The Art World is fascinating. A banana taped on the wall can cost a ton of money. Art’s meaning is objective, as it begs the ever-so-postmodern question: “What is art?”

What everyone can collectively agree on, though, is that supporting local artists is a must. Most filmmakers, illustrators, bands, etc. we know of because of their overwhelming popularity started as local artists. They started off producing films for local film festivals, in community exhibits, or gigs at local bars. Despite these circumstances, they had supporters—their friends, people within their reach, the people who probably discovered them via social media.

Why is it necessary to support local artists?

When you buy something from a local artist, you support them financially. Unlike purchasing a mass-produced artwork in a department store, commissioning art from a local artist will give you the assurance that your money helped someone pay the bills or continue pursuing their craft. The more they have resources, the bigger their chances of creating more pieces in the future, and you’ll the art scene will continue to see these artists in exhibits.

Supporting local artists creates a community. Art scenes in every town or city usually hold events to showcase their artists. May it be art shows, gigs, or open mics, it’s a chance to connect with other people with the same interests. Eventually, it becomes a network of people who mutually help each other.

Ways to support local artists

  • Buy their stuff, buy tickets to their shows, stream their new releases

Aside from the financial upsides of spending your money on artists’ works, doing these things gives you a unique experience. No one else will have the kind of illustration you asked from an artist so that you could have it as a unique gift for your long-distance lover in Phoenix.


  • Share their social media posts and tag them in yours, too!

When people go to an event, they usually document things to post on social media. By simply tagging the artist, one does not only give the artist credit, but they encourage other people to discover the artist as well. Additionally, when artists post something on social media, it’s free to share or retweet. This way, their reach increases, and more people are aware of the upcoming art events.

  • Properly credit artists

Contrary to common practice, “CTTO” or “credits to the owner” does not—in fact—credit the owner. Crediting should include the artist’s name and a link to their account, if possible. The reason behind this is that people who can see your post of the art you grabbed, people will know who created it, and you will easily avoid claiming the intellectual property as your own. If your post goes viral, so will their names, and this can open so many doors for artists.

Artists need you.

Artists need an audience to patronize their work. Their success can be propelled by the people who support them and help them get the word out there—that they are good at what they do. It boosts their confidence, too.

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