One of the best parts about traveling is being able to partake in local delicacies. While coffee may not seem like something too unique, depending on where you travel, you may be able to have a cup of coffee that’s fresher than anything you can get at home. Dominican Republic coffee is some of the freshest in the world. Understanding the work that locals put into making a cup of coffee can allow you to truly appreciate it.

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The coffee beans are locally grown, often on the sides of mountains, and hand-picked to ensure that only the highest-quality beans are used. Many farms have been on the island for generations, meaning that the local growers have a great understanding of what steps need to be taken through the growing and harvesting process inorder to produce a phenomenal cup of coffee. After the harvesting has been completed, the beans are ground down, either by hand or by a machine. Purified water is used on the ground beans to ensure that the coffee is safe to drink. This also allows the flavor of the beans to shine and stand out.

To learn a bit more about what makes Dominican Republic coffee so delicious, please review the attached video.


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